Suffering greatly multiplies the value of the work

My children, everything that you do for Me, if it is fertilized with suffering, the value of the work is multiplied, sometimes in unimaginable dimensions, because suffering in the works of the apostolate, makes them more fruitful and their value in My eyes increases much, much more. I, Jesus, speak to you.

I know that some souls do not understand this because suffering is very repugnant to human nature, but see that I have placed suffering in the great events of Humanity. I put suffering in My Redemption, I put suffering in My Holy Mother, I put suffering in My holy father Joseph, I put suffering in the birth of the Church with My martyrs, I put suffering in the birth of human life, I put sufferings (penance and sacrifices) for your sanctification, I put sufferings in the transition from this life to the next, because I, My children, water the great events with sufferings for the value so precious and esteemed by Us: The Most Holy Trinity. I, Jesus, speak to you.

You will tell Me that the things of God cost you tears and sorrows, but children, they also give you many joys, and in this way, I balance the scales of suffering and joy. Thus the joy in the birth of the child that is born, My joy in the Redemption of souls, the joy of My Mother upon seeing that I fulfilled My mission faithfully just as She did, the joy of My father Joseph upon knowing that he would be the father of the Messiah,the joy of My martyrs in sprinkling the nascent Church with their blood, and I could go on saying more things. Do you understand, children?

What you do for Me and for souls, to the extent that it is more valuable and more important, so will be your suffering, because it is the fertilizer for the fruit of the works. Therefore, children, be aware of this, so that when suffering comes to you, it does not sink you and you remember that I, Jesus, warn you and remind you. I, Jesus, your Savior, speak to you.