US Bishop Forbids Sodoma supplicans

Francis' homosexual [pseudo] blessings cannot be performed in the Diocese of Baker, Oregon, without producing a scandal, writes Bishop Liam Cary (, 9 February, via

"Here, as in Africa, if a cohabiting heterosexual or same-sex couple were to ask a priest to bless them, they would be seeking an official sign of approval for behaviour that the Church teaches is sinful in God's sight."

Monsignor Cary doesn't want to send that message. So he orders Baker's priests not to [pseudo] bless those involved in fornication:

"When priests of Jesus Christ bless behaviour that is contrary to His commandments, they devalue the sanctity of marriage vows and distort the divine plan for human happiness."

God is the redeemer of marriage, not its destroyer, Monsignor Cary explains: "Any form of blessing that endorses extra-marital unions cannot flow from the hands of His priests".