Abortionist politicians will have a special place in Hell

On the Feast of the Ascension the God the Father shared a conversation with me after receiving Holy Communion.

God the Father:

My son, I am not pleased with what the sin of mankind has done to my creation. My love for all my children is beyond their imagination. I am a God of Mercy and Justice. The world has given Me no other alternative but to cleanse my creation--- the only way mankind will understand and survive. I will not allow the desecration of my Chosen Ones… Clergy and Laity. Those who are servants of evil will receive their reward in eternal damnation. They worship Satan and ridicule and chastise those committed to Me and are given orders to defile my holy shrines, images of our Blessed Mother and many Saints, my Churches. Some of my clergy and lay persons from all over the world have dedicated themselves to Lucifer and are trying to make him a god. He has given them false power and promises with lies and deception related to their natural existence.  This started decades ago and now has come to fruition. In foolishness, he has persuaded his evil servants that I do not exist and that I have abandoned my children. These powerful false lies and plan was started when Lucifer was cast from Heaven. Now, he is aware that his time is short and will come to an end. I will destroy him. He is a fool and a deceiver.

Our remnant Church must now gather from all parts of the world. The Blessed Mother and My holy Spirit have reached out to thousands of men and women who have proven themselves and are devoted warriors. They are anointed and have been blessed.  The Holy Spirit has anointed them with all the gifts promised by my Son Jesus at His ascension. I have selected many Anointed Leaders to be the front runners and Apostles and have spoken to them in their prayers and petitions. It is coming to My Church will be restored as it was when my Son established His Church. The Church is not overpriced buildings and shrines. Christianity is not a religion but the person of my Son, Jesus Christ.

There is no one that is exempt from the evil that has embraced my children who have made Satan their god. There is nothing that my children can hide from me. Woe to those that promote the murder of my innocent babies. All that make it a crusade to promote this evil sacrifice will have their eternal reward in Hell. The innocent blood of my innocent babies cries out to me for help.  I will bring My Justice and no Mercy to all those entangled in this atrocity of my innocent children. The heads of all government, parliament, congresses and evil men and women throughout this planet who are aligned with this evil will have a special place in Hell. Money, greed, power, and all those that embrace evil will perish and will receive their reward of eternal damnation. I am a loving God, and I will forgive everyone that turns away from their wicked ways. Change must come from their heart and with sincerity---only if it is a true repentance from their heart and one that seeks my Love and Mercy, I will forgive each one and welcome them into my Kingdom for an eternity of joy and love.

I will not judge mankind; they will judge themselves for they have made their choices by embracing good or evil and thus choosing their way to eternity. This is the reason for the Warning. I will give mankind the chance to see themselves as I see them. I love all my children and want them to freely choose good.

All of heaven is waiting for My command to eradicate all evil and separate the goats from the sheep. The reign of evil and Lucifer is coming to an end. He knows his time is short. This is the reason for all the chaos that is taking place. The return of my Son Jesus Christ will Reign as King for all eternity. He is coming in the flesh as He was taken into Heaven in the flesh. This will be the new Era of Peace. There will be a new heaven on earth and peace will reign throughout the new world.

Saint, Michael the Archangel and your protector Cried Out in Heaven to Lucifer and his followers. “Who is like unto God”. Let the holy Archangel Saint Michael, prince of the celestial hosts, rejoice eternally since he defended in battle the glory of God Most High, the Incarnate God, and the Blessed Mother of God!