Everything will turn off


Carbonia 28.01.2023

Beware, O men, do not come in contact with the Antichrist!

I am your God of Love, your Creator or woman, write my angel, write to my beloved people.

Behold, terrible days are coming for the world; this Humanity will be put to the test, but the children of God will be safe.

My beloved creatures, the hour of sorrows has come; My cup is poured out!

The accursed Serpent lurks but the arm of the Creator God is already upon it: "miserum est" (it is a miserable thing).

God loves his creature and waits with trembling love for her conversion, waits to embrace her again to himself.

The star of the sun is in its explosions, its flames will reach the Earth and
everything will turn off. You will suffer much, your life will change, without technology you will feel lost.

The windows of the heavens open, the arm of the Divine Savior anticipates his Intervention to secure his Sons before the damned massacre of the Devil strikes them.
Beware, O men, do not come into contact with the Antichrist! Do not get involved with false prophets.

Dear children, the hour of Satan's curse is coming and he will try to seize many souls even through shows in heaven with prodigious but false signs! Holograms, to attract attention.

God the Father still weeps his great sorrow for those children who have denied him by following Lucifer. 

The great tribulation is already upon you, oh men, upon you who do not want to listen to My calls of salvation and pursue the Lie. You are at the end of this history!

Another (history) is about to open to my New People: the People faithful to Me, dedicated to Me, a People who have abandoned the world to prefer Life.

These children:

They will have new life in Me!
They will be blessed forever and will be happy,
they will lack nothing:
they are the ones who will have sustained the True Church of Christ ,
who gave their lives
to enter and enjoy the true life
by joining Him in His Perennial Sacrifice!

O you who still deny Me, I tell you the truth: you are about to be swept away by the great hurricane. You do not want to open your eyes to what truly surrounds you, you are foolish. You are sailing on a sinking ship, you will end up with it in the abyss!

Poor children! Poor people! Nothing has been hidden from you of what was to come; you were warned and faced with a choice: ... you preferred death!