Facebook, YouTube and Amazon were pressed by Biden

10 Times Biden Regime Pressured Facebook to Take Down What Ended Up Being Truthful Information on COVID and the Vaccines –

On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee released an 800 page report on the Biden White House censorship regime.

The report included numerous times the Biden regime threatened social media companies to censor, silence and take down information on the COVID origins and the COVID vaccines.

On Thursday, investigative reporter Mike Benz revealed “10 flaming examples” Facebook, YouTube and Amazon explicitly said they only passed censorship policies because they were threatened by the Biden government.

Here are the screengrabs from the Judiciary Report and from Mike Benz’s website on the “10 flaming examples” of the times the tech giants admitted that passed censorship policies because they were threatened by the Biden regime.

The Biden White House forced tech giants to censor these five COVID claims – that all turned out to be accurate.
Claims that COVID was:

1.) manmade,
2.) manufactured,
3.) bioengineered
4.) a bioweapon
5.) created by an individual government
6.) modified through gain of function research

The Biden White House forced Big Tech to change their content moderation policies.

7.) Amazon employees admitted they changed their content moderation due to pressure from the Biden regime.
8.) Amazon changed its bookstore policies due to criticism from the Biden regime.
9.) Facebook employees admitted Facebook censored the man-made theory due to pressure from the Biden regime.

The Biden Administration targeted truthful information and even satire that went against their beliefs.

10.) The Biden regime pressured Facebook to block content that was negative about the vaccines.

And the Biden Administration pressured social media to “do more.”

It should be noted that The Gateway Pundit reported on all of these topics. Our reporting was accurate. And we were censored and our content was not allowed on these platforms.

In 2021, Twitter shut down our account after being the most widely read websites in the country at the time.

Our social media accounts have never recovered.

And the Biden regime was 100% pushing misinformation to the masses while blocking the truth.

Currently, The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft is involved in the Murthy vs. Missouri lawsuit that was heard before the Supreme Court in March. This case will decide if the government has the right to censor Americans under the guise of preventing misinformation, disinformation and mal-information. We will soon find out of America is still America – where its citizens still hold the right to free speech.

We certainly are living in dangerous times.