Predestinate your soul to Eternal Life

The children of men live as if this life would never end. They live making plans, projecting things, but few think of preparing their souls for the passage to the Beyond, for although the body is expired, the soul is immortal. I, Divine Spirit, speak to you.

And what must you do if the soul does not die? Well, predestine it to Eternal Life, fulfilling the commandments, practicing the virtues, accepting the troubles or illnesses that come to you and feeding yourselves assiduously with the sacraments, because even if some Christians have managed to have money, honors and all kinds of personal goods, listen to the Son of the Most High God, what does it profit a man to gain the whole world if he loses his soul? (Mt 16, 26) and reflect. Read, children of God, the Holy Gospel where everything is synthesized but with admirable clarity. Read, meditate and apply to yourselves the Gospel of Christ, because there is no more direct path to Eternal Life than to put the Gospel into practice. I, Divine Spirit, speak to you.

The angels see your foolishness and feel that, being able to walk on paths of salvation, you walk on paths of perdition, and they (angels) who are opposed to Satan and inspire you to do good and acts of virtue, are surprised to see that you hear the voice of the enemy of souls and of God more and better than theirs, because it is more and more difficult for you to practice good and virtue, because you are so accustomed to practice immorality and evil. I, Spirit of God, speak to you.

How many of you who walk in the paths of God, see your brothers and sisters, workmates and community or relatives who walk in ways totally opposed to the law of God and you suffer because you see that they can be lost forever. And if you try to speak to them or to give them some light, you suffer more because you see that they do not even pay attention to you, because I, children of God, Spirit of Truth, also speak to the souls suggesting to them the conversion of habits, forgiveness, mercy and they do not listen to Me, Spirit of God. For if you suffer because they do not want to pay attention to you, how will the Most Holy Trinity feel when through Me it tries to attract souls to its fold, and souls do not want to know anything about the things of God. I, Spirit of God, speak to you.

Open your souls to the laws of God. Prepare them so that grace may take effect in them. Go to the Blessed Virgin, Mother of God and Mother of souls, and to St. Joseph, master of virtue, and turn your faces to God so that your souls may be predestined to Eternal Life and be saved. I, Spirit of God, speak to you and instruct you. The peace of the Most Holy Trinity be with you all.


Yo, Jesús, os hablo