Priest who gave scandal, 'apologizes'

Rev. Joseph Williams, C.M., pastor of St Vincent de Paul Parish in Chicago, issued a 'facade' apology on 8 May for his [pseudo] blessing of two lesbian women on 21 April.

It appears that Williams was forced to issue the apology. He regrets only "the language of the blessing", the use of the church and liturgical vestments, but insists he "meant it well".

"The form that the blessing took, as shown in the video, was due to my attempt to give them a meaningful (!) moment of God's grace (!)".

It was only when the video of the pseudo wedding went viral that Williams realised he had "made a very poor choice of words".

"I am deeply sorry for any confusion and/or anger this has caused, especially to the people of God."

He didn't apologise for the blasphemy he committed, he won't be punished, and no reparations will be made.