Reconquest – Strength From a New Pentecost


May 21st, 2024

This Message was dictated to Sister in Spanish, and this is her translation into English.

The footnotes are not dictated by God. They are added by Sister. Sometimes the footnote is to help clarify for the reader Sister’s sense of the meaning of a certain word or idea, and at other times to better convey the sense of God’s or Our Lady’s tone when They spoke.


Our Blessed Mother:

My beloved little children,

I speak to you from My new Tepeyac,[1] where I will gather all the Words that I have spoken to you throughout the centuries; where I will renew all the various Graces that your Heavenly Father has granted in My holy places as a seal of His Love and Blessing, and as an answer to the prayer of My Motherly Heart for all My children.[2]

How much I love you, children, with the Love of the Father, and of My Son, and of the Most Holy Spirit of God, that descends into My Heart as a flame and from there, as from a spring of water, I give It to you to drink – to console your hearts, to heal the wounds in your spirits, to heal your bodies if it is necessary for your salvation.

And to give you the encouragement that you are not alone.

My children, little ones of My Heart, I see all your wounds, none of them pass unnoticed.  Just as I washed and kissed each of My Jesus’ Wounds, so I do with you – kissing to console and to extract the venom that Satan in his envy has injected into you with all his machinations and deceits.

I cleanse your wounds with My tears, I cover them with My Love, I take possession of them and I offer them to the Father, together with the Sacred Wounds of My Jesus.

All the wounds caused by pain and disobedience, and the envy of Satan – together with the Most Pure and Holy Wounds of My Jesus, of the Immaculate, Innocent Lamb, Immolated out of Love.  The Ones to be reparation for the others.

Look at the Wounds of My Jesus, the ones He carries in His Most Holy Body and the ones that have lacerated His Heart; and that live reflected in My Heart.

Do not forget them, children.

Let them give you HOPE AND FORTITUDE.

The certain HOPE of the incommensurable Love of God for His creatures – for each of them.

The Love that seeks the ETERNAL good.  ETERNAL, children.  Do not be confused nor forget that all that you see and live will pass.  And that you are to live for this eternity – for the Divine embrace that will surround you and fill you and heal you and in which you will find everything that your heart desires.

Not here, children – on this earth that is now full of sin and death for the spirit.

The earth itself groans, children, at seeing such great offenses against the Heart of God.  And the earth itself will be renewed, made beautiful, purified, to be a worthy home and vessel for the Renewed Church, for the new heavens and the new earth.

Children, now more than ever, renew your HOPE by means of your FAITH in what We say to you and in what We do on your behalf.


Lay aside the human longings and elevate them, through your FAITH and pure and Holy HOPE, into longings for God, longings of eternity.

The rest passes away, and how quickly it passes!

Fulfill the obligations of your state of life, but begin to live the HOPE OF HEAVEN and of HE WHO DWELLS IN IT AND WHO AWAITS YOU.

The fruit of FAITH is HOPE, and the fruit of HOPE is FORTITUDE.  And all these lead to ABANDONEMNT TO GOD.

This is why I ask for your FAITH, why I speak to you of Hope, and of the Fortitude that leads you to scorn the perishable treasures of earth in order to appreciate the Treasure of the Love of God in its fullness that will be your reward in Heaven. 

Look at the Holy Wounds of My Jesus.  Gaze at them in My Heart.  Hide your wounds in Ours, allowing Us to wash them in the Blood and Water which flowed from Them, so that – purified of the venom of Satan and of your own actions and offenses – they may be acceptable to Our Abba as an Offering of Love, imitating the Most Holy Offering that obtains everything.

Children, breathe this TRUTH, let it enter as PURE AIR into the deepest corners of your being and free you from any stench of Satan and of human criteria that are so harmful to you.

My children, you feel weak, incapable of doing what We ask of you, incapable of resisting; defeated, anguished, on the brink of despair.

MY LITTLE CHILDREN, I KNOW.  And that what hurts you the most is Our apparent indifference to your suffering; that nothing changes, nothing happens, that your prayers seem to crash into a closed Heaven.[3]  AND HOW MUCH THIS MAKES YOU SUFFER.  I KNOW.  AND YOUR MOTHER TAKES COMPASSION ON YOU AND THEREFORE SPEAKS TO YOU – to tell you that each drop of your suffering is accounted for and will receive its consolation. 

To tell you that in order to form My Army a very hard formation is necessary, time is short and you must be formed in the crucible of suffering, of dryness, and of the apparent abandonment by Us, so that the seed of FAITH germinates – in the darkness – and takes root – in the darkness – and grows strong and vigorous, capable of withstanding what is upon you.

Children, your Mother knows what you will be facing and prepares you.

This preparation requires that you see the Face of My Jesus – His true Face, not the distorted one that many of you have learned and that now causes you so much confusion and anguish, because, not being the Truth, it wounds your soul.[4]
We will show you Our Faces and you will carry Them in your souls as Jewels and as Shields.  But before you receive Them, children, you must be purified in FAITH.

All the trials that you live, all the anguish and darkness – when you give them to Us, We take them and make them useful – the old ones, the present ones and the future ones.  WE MAKE EVERYTHING USEFUL and We fill everything with life, when you give it to Us.

You do not see the germination of a seed – how, from being hard and dry and surrounded  by total darkness, it begins to swell and transform.

It is the same with you, little children, when you accept in FAITH what the Father, full of Love for His children, permits.[5]

This is why I say to you, look with eyes of eternity and long with a heart of eternity – by means of FAITH and HOPE – and in this way you will have the STRENGTH to take one more step, and another after that, during this time of the immediate preparation for the battle.

I remind you once again of what happened to My beloved Apostle-sons at Pentecost:  They were transformed and strengthened in order to fulfill the mission entrusted to them, at all cost, and sparing no sacrifice.

The Most Holy Spirit of God descended into their hearts and completed and sealed their preparation.

It will be the same with you, little children.  Do not be afraid.

What you live now – each of you, and each in such varied circumstances – is part of this preparation prior to His Coming.  It is the purification, the removing of the old and dirty garments, in order to be clothed with the garments and armament of My soldiers.



And you will receive Strength to live this waiting.

Yes, children, what has been promised will be fulfilled, and what has been announced will take place.

The Rivers of Grace will flow from My little Hill and will gather all the pure Waters that the Father has brought forth in each continent, people, and region.

In the same way that I gather My Army and I unite it to My retinue of Angels and Archangels and all Heavenly Choirs, so do all the Graces given throughout the centuries gather to be renewed, purified, and poured out once more in unimaginable abundance. 

The New Pentecost that will seal the preparation of My Army and will ready it for the battle, in which all the forces of evil will be gathered as well.[6]

The Battle is won, children, but it must be fought, and lived, and offered.

Children, do not try to understand with your reasonings, for these are Divine Mysteries that are impossible to understand on this earth, given the tremendous limitations of time and distance and of your very limited capacity to comprehend.[7]

But one day, children, you will see these Mysteries open before your hearts and your minds as the opening of a flower, as the rising of the sun at dawn, and you will contemplate them in all Their beauty, TRUTH, harmony, and you will understand the ineffable Love that is at the center of each Mystery.

Children, for now you cannot yet receive them and that is why FAITH and HOPE are needed, so that in the midst of the darkness that Satan has managed to spread over every human sphere, you can see IN FAITH, and ACCEPT IN FAITH, and receive IN FAITH, and love IN FAITH these Divine Mysteries – the “whys” that cause you such anguish – until the moment in which you can receive them in fullness.

My children, all of you – each of you who walks on this earth, who was born of the Will of the Father, and who has been ransomed by My Son on the Cross, and who is being prepared to receive the Divine Light of the Most Holy Spirit of God – remember Heaven and the Love that awaits you.

Remember that your Mother loves you and is beside you.

Remember that all that has been announced will be fulfilled.

Remember that what you live now is nothing compared to what the Father has prepared for you – the eternal joy.

Remember, children, that everything is formation, that in everything there is Grace to help you, and that you have a Mother Who intercedes for Her children night and day before the Throne and the Heart of God.

I Am your Mother.  I love you.  I guide you, do not hesitate to take My hand.  I will lead you to the fulfillment of the Divine Law; I will lead you to the acceptance of your particular missions; I will lead you along the path of healing of so many wounds you carry.  I will lead you step by step, second by second, to the Heart of the Father.

You are My Army, children, and I need strong and brave soldiers; full of FAITH and Hope, to give Light to your brothers.

Look at Me, children, when you feel you are about to collapse.  Look at Me and do not be afraid.

Come to My Heart, children.  Do not be afraid.

From My little Chapel, My little Hill, I bless you and I clasp you to My Heart.

Amen, children.  SAY IT WITH ME:
Your Mother Who loves you and blesses you,
Mary Most Holy, the Morning Star
that announces the coming of the SUN of JUSTICE and TRUTH.
Your Queen and your Peace.