The story of Bartimaeus is our own story

The story of Bartimaeus is our own story, for we too are blind to many things, and Jesus is passing by our lives. Perhaps the time has come to leave the side of the road and accompany Jesus.

The words of Bartimaeus: Lord, let him see, can serve as a simple ejaculatory prayer to be repeated many times, especially when we lack light in the apostolate, in questions that we do not know how to resolve, but especially in matters related to faith and vocation. "When we are in the dark, when our soul is blinded and restless, we must go, like Bartimaeus, to the Light. 
Repeat, shout, insist more strongly. "Domine, ut videam!"-Lord, let him see!.... And it will become day for your eyes, and you will be able to rejoice with the light that He will grant you ". In those moments of darkness, when perhaps we are no longer accompanied by the sensitive enthusiasm of the first times in which we followed the Lord; when prayer becomes costly and faith seems to weaken; when we do not see so clearly the meaning of a little mortification and the fruits of our efforts in the apostolate are hidden, it is precisely then that we need prayer the most. Instead of cutting back or abandoning our dealings with God, because of the greater effort it entails, it is the moment to show our loyalty, our fidelity, by redoubling our efforts to please him.

Jesus said to him, "Go, your faith has saved you. And immediately he regained his sight. The first thing Bartimaeus sees in this world is the face of Christ. He would never forget it. And he followed him on his way.

This is the only thing we know about Bartimaeus: that he followed him on the road. Through St. Luke we know that he followed him, glorifying God. And all the people, witnessing this, praised God16. Throughout his life Bartimaeus would remember the mercy of Jesus. Many would be converted to the faith because of his testimony.

We too have received many graces. As great or greater than that of the blind man of Jericho. And the Lord also hopes that our life and our conduct will help many to find Jesus present in our time.

And he followed him on the way, glorifying God. It is also a summary of what our own life can become if we have that living and operative faith, like Bartimaeus.