Bergoglio uses the power of the Papacy to discredit it --Viganò

The Study Document of the Dicastery for Promoting Christian Unity - “The Bishop of Rome. Primacy and Synodality in ecumenical dialogues and in the responses to the encyclical Ut Unum Sint” – is the coherent application of the subversive premises posed by Vatican II and the “conciliar popes.” - The Mass has been adulterated along the lines of the Protestant Supper; - the priest has become the “president”of an assembly; - the Bishops have had their authority taken away by the Episcopal Conferences and the Synod, who have appropriated it in the name of “Collegiality”; - and now the Pope must become the “primus inter pares” of the Christian sects, he must betray the mandate entrusted by Christ to Peter and his successors and abdicate the role of Vicar of Christ. The Bergoglian sect is preparing to join the other schismatic and heretical communities, after having embraced their errors. In short, the future head of the new Religion of Humanity desired by the Masonic elite of the New World Order is already being outlined. This plan required decades of preparation and used Benedict XVI’s Resignation as a further element to destroy the Papacy, as shown by the destructive action of the Argentine Jesuit. The betrayal starts from the top of the institution, and it did not begin with Bergoglio: this Study Document is nothing other than the re-proposal of what John Paul II hoped for in the Encyclical Ut Unum Sint, which in turn refers to the Second Vatican Council. Betrayal was already inherent in ecumenism and was re-proposed during the post-conciliar period in the same terms in which it had previously been condemned. The usurper Bergoglio uses the power of the Papacy to discredit it, humiliate it, and definitively distort its immutable essence desired by Christ Himself. And without officially (doctrinally) changing the monarchical institution of the Church, in fact (pastorally) Bergoglio overturns it, making it an only apparently democratic synodal institution in which the deep church is an ally of the deep state in the establishment of the anti-christic dictatorship of the New Order World. Bergoglio usurped the Papacy with the perverse intent of destroying what remained of the Catholic Church: to genetically mutate the Papacy in order to totally subjugate it to globalist ideology. Bergoglio abuses the supreme power in the Church to demolish the Church, just as in the civil sphere other subversives abuse their authority to erase the sovereignty and very identity of nations. The conciliar revolution follows the same subversive scheme that we have seen applied in the civil sphere since the French Revolution and which is proposed to us again today with the Agenda 2030 coup. Bergoglio is the bankrupt curator of a diabolical plan conceived over sixty years ago.