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- New film "Protocol 7" and news on Germany's war plans with #Russia. (0:03)

- #Nanotechnology in #vaccines, and the patents of Dr. Charles Lieber. (15:37)

- Using vaccines+radiation to exterminate European men through low-yield nuclear war. (37:34)

- Food sustainability and financial asset protection in a time of crisis. (47:44)

- Financial gradualism vs catastrophism: Why currency collapse always takes people by surprise. (52:50)

- Interview with Andy Wakefield, creator of the new film "Protocol 7". (1:09:34)

- Vaccine efficacy and safety in the film industry. (1:16:43)

- Filmmaking, actors, and vaccine mandates. (1:26:49)

- A documentary film about Merck's alleged fraud, legal risks, and potential impact. (1:37:32)

- The #autism crisis worsens due to vaccine damage. (1:41:32)

- The use of profanity in film and its relationship to real-life stress and neurological damage. (1:47:17)

- How vaccines have destroyed US military readiness and made America weaker. (1:57:42)

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