Candace Owens is dropping red pills


Candace Owens is dropping red pills. She just exposed how Charles Manson was a CIA asset working with the MK Ultra government program, how Kanye West showed her text messages from his MK Ultra handler, and how Diddy is allegedly a FED working for the government. They told us that the MK Ultra program shut down but does anyone believe that knowing what we know now?
She says we must acknowledge the evil our government has committed and subsequently put on the armor of God to defeat it. In the end, God wins.

"The Diddy lawsuit. It very heavily implied that the government is controlling Hollywood, there's some sort of gang controlling that is Hollywood.. You can't even talk about that. Why is that?
He was talking to me about everybody having a handler in Hollywood. He was calling people the ops. This person is in with the government. He notoriously said that Diddy is a FED. Clearly, Diddy was being protected by the government...

My brain is melted. I do know the people in our government are evil. The book is called Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties. 

The 30-year anniversary of the Manson murders... The hippy communes automatically ended. People were buying locks and nobody was experimenting with LSD anymore. 

He starts making some calls. He's struck by the fact that people are scared to talk to him. He ends up realizing that everything the public learned about those murders was a lie. He ends up discovering that the CIA was involved. He ends up discovering that the CIA knew Charles Manson. He ends up discovering that Charles Manson himself was a FED. Charles Manson was experimenting on behalf of the government with LSD, intentionally drugging people. Our government was obsessed with how to control a mind, and how to create a mass psychosis. They were conducting all sorts of illicit experiments on the American people. This brings us to MK Ultra. The idea that the government is involved in drugging people in an effort to control them. 

They say MK Ultra ended. Do you think it's ended? No, I don't. Not after the things that YE told me. Not after reading the text messages that were sent to him who he says is his handler. Threatening to drug him and send him back to la la land. Telling him he'll never see his kids again. What happened to Britney Spears? I think that as a nation that we have to be able to confront the fact that there is truly evil, that demons are real. We cannot arm ourselves against this sort of evil if we aren't even able to acknowledge it. I was chilled by not realizing how much evil our government has committed in the past. We cannot fight demons unless we are willing to acknowledge that there are demons. Don't walk away saddened. Walk away being assured that we already know how this ends. In the end, goodness wins. In the end, God wins."