Cardinal Müller: It Is Impossible to Ordain Women

 "A woman cannot be ordained a priest. It is sacramentally impossible," Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller told (7 June).

He explained that Christ called only men to be apostles and that the priest, in his masculinity, represents Christ, the bridegroom of the Church, which is his bride.

When women claim to have a "vocation", it is "a mistake", the Cardinal explained: "Women are not called to the sacred orders. This is pure subjectivism". Christ instituted this sacrament only for men and doesn't contradict himself.

Cardinal Müller also called the abuse hoax an "ideology" based on anti-church prejudice: "Statistically, 95% of child abuse [Austrian figures: 99.7%] occurs in the area of family and youth education, which has nothing to do with the hierarchical-sacramental constitution of the Church and the celibacy of priests".

The Cardinal warns against placing priests under general suspicion. "It is typical of old and new Marxist ideologies that it is not the individual who is guilty of his actions, but the collective to which he belongs". Cardinal Müller called this "an appeal to the emotions".

He also pointed out that "we cannot remain insensitive to those who are innocently accused and caught up in the wheels of justice".