Deposit everything in My Heart

Jesus says:

Deposit in My Heart your despairs, deposit in My Heart your sorrows, deposit in My Heart your aridness, your worries. Deposit in my Heart the people you love, deposit in my Heart your thoughts, your feelings and your lives. Lives that have been made by my Divine hands, hands pierced by the nails of the cross, hands that have been mistreated and vilified by the Roman soldiers.

Deposit in my Heart your prayer, every whisper of love, every word, every gesture, making of yourselves walking tabernacles, living prayerful in the midst of a lying and deceitful world.

Be my little lightning rods, be my little Cyrenians who help me with my cross, Veronicas who wipe my Divine Face so that I may mold my face in your hearts.

Each one of you has been entrusted with a mission, you cannot allow the prince of darkness to destroy my work because you will have to render an account on the day I call you.

I embrace you with my warm gaze, I embrace you with my gaze of love, I embrace you with my gaze of tenderness. I shelter you with my Divine breath, I shelter you with the flames of my love, I nourish you with the bread come down from heaven, I give you rest, I give you tranquility, I give you Light and I give you peace.You will be witnesses of My wonders and marvels at the end of time.
You, torches of my Light, you will illuminate in this world of darkness, you will be judged in love because I am Love.

You shall radiate my peace, for I am the Prince of Peace.

You will be my spokesmen because Heaven has willed it so, so that you may give comfort and consolation to souls. You will be medicine and encouragement for many. You will be pilgrim heralds of my Word, the Word that heals and liberates.


Agustín del Divino Corazón