Examples of temperance and mortification

In the midst of an often materialistic environment, temperance is of great apostolic effectiveness. It is one of the most attractive examples of the Christian life. Wherever we find ourselves, we must strive to always give that example, which will be manifested with simplicity in our behavior. For many, the example of a Christian has been the beginning of a true encounter with our Lord.

A sober life is a mortified and joyful life. We will often find mortification in small things that keep the body subject to reason and dispose the soul to understand the things of God. Thus, interior mortification, on the one hand, leads to the control of the imagination and of memory, by keeping away useless or inconvenient thoughts and memories; and it is manifested also in mortification of the tongue: avoiding, for example, useless and frivolous conversations, murmuring, etc.

In order to walk the narrow path of temperance, we must also practice mortification of the external senses: sight, hearing, taste... "The body must be given a little less than what is right. If not, it makes treason. A little less than what is just in comfort, in whims, etc. Mortifications, finally, in our daily life: "in intense, constant and orderly work; knowing that the best spirit of sacrifice is perseverance to finish with perfection the work begun; in punctuality, filling the day with heroic minutes; in the care of things, which we have and use; in the eagerness to serve, which makes us fulfill with exactitude the smallest duties; and in the details of charity, to make the way of holiness in the world pleasant for all: a smile can sometimes be the best sign of our spirit of penance. ..»14.

The narrow path passes through all the activities of the Christian: from the comforts of the home, to the use of the instruments of work and the way of having fun. In the rest period, for example, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money or to dedicate excessive hours to sport to the detriment of other activities. Those who know how to make moderate use of television and, in general, of the instruments of comfort offered by the technique, also set an example of austerity and temperance.

The narrow path is safe and gentle. And in the midst of this life, which has a certain austere and sacrificial tone, we find joy, because the "Cross is no longer a scaffold, but the throne from which Christ reigns. And at his side, his Mother, our Mother too. The Holy Virgin will give you the strength you need to march resolutely in the footsteps of her Son.