Exorcism: The Old Mass Contains Infinite Graces

October 31, 1975

E = Exorcist 
J = Judas Iscariot, a human demon


J: If they had again the thirty-three signs of the cross, which, moreover, is in keeping with the Life of Christ and which was all worked out in advance - it was Jesus who organized that through the Holy Spirit; if they reestablished it (the Mass), from the Asperges Me right to the prayer “Saint Michael, Archangel”, and celebrated the Mass as Christ has wished, then...I don't want to say it.
E: Tell the truth, Judas Iscariot, by order of the Blessed Virgin. Lucifer, you have no right to disturb him! You must go away! 
J: ...then, thousands of souls would be saved, who are not saved and who are going to their eternal destruction. The evil comes from the Mass, principally from the Mass. An endless flood of blessings used to flow from the Mass, when it was still celebrated properly. The Mass is the principal factor.
The Mass and Holy Communion are the two greatest things for you Catholics. All the mystics, all the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin must yield place to them. Holy Mass has an infinite value, an unimaginable value. Christ Himself goes up to the altar with all his plenitude of graces, which we hate so much. We must flee from a Mass that is still celebrated well. We have to flee at the very beginning, at the Asperges Me. Then, speaking figuratively, we can only watch, timidly, through a crack. Now, on the contrary, at the modern Mass, we can dance around, up to...I don't want to say it.


E: Tell the truth, say what the Blessed Virgin wishes you to say, nothing but the complete truth! 
J: ...up to the sanctuary. We can dance around even in front of the tabernacle. For it is no longer in every tabernacle that...I don't want to say that, I don't want to.
E: Tell the truth, you must, Judas Iscariot, by order of the Blessed Virgin! Lucifer has no right to disturb you! 
J: Those in Heaven lament because the consecrated Host is no longer present in all tabernacles. 
E: What did you say? Tell the truth, in the name...! 
J: If, at Mass, the priest no longer believes in the words of the Consecration, and has no intention of consecrating, then the host is not consecrated. Then, it is only bread, as the Protestants and the sects say it is. The majority (of priests) have “lost their minds”; they do only what the people command. They wish to be honored in their modernism and in their presumption, which seems to ooze out from the tops of their head (he grumbles). 
E: Tell the truth, Judas Iscariot, nothing but the truth, say everything you must say, by order of the Blessed Virgin! 
J: The saddest thing of all for Those up there, is that the people believe they are receiving Christ in the host...and it is only bread. In actual fact, it is no longer Christ. That represents for them a loss of graces, and so makes it easier for them to leave the good road. They are deceived by their very own priests. 
E:Tell the truth, Judas Iscariot, in the name...! 
J: It is necessary for me to say this: Those, up there, do not like to see brown hosts used. They are allowed only in cases of extreme necessity. In normal times, preference must be given to white bread. The reason, dating back from earlier times, is that Jesus is Innocence personified (his breathing is troubled). 
E: Continue, Judas Iscariot, say all that you must say on behalf of the Blessed Virgin! Lucifer must in no way disturb you; he must flee to Hell, where he belongs! Judas Iscariot, continue speaking, in the name...!
J: When the Pope appears on his podium - what I mean is his balcony where he is accustomed to speak - if he were able to speak freely and say what he should say (which is also what he would like to say), then men would return to the past. Then there would still be time, but right now, he is prevented. If he were able, just once more, to come out and say what he would like to - but he would be... (mumbling)
E: Tell the truth, on behalf of the Blessed Virgin, in the name...! 
J: He would be silenced altogether if he spoke freely. He knows that he cannot take a false step. The situation being what it is, he would like to be able to die. But he knows very well that he must hold out right to the end. He must live out his martyrdom, like a true disciple of the Cross of Christ. He must live the Passion right to the end, whether he wishes to or not. The Pope must pass through the winepress as Jesus Himself passed through it: not in the same degree, but, nevertheless, he must pass through it.
K: Continue, Judas Iscariot, say what the Blessed Virgin charges you to say! Lucifer is not to disturb you, he must let you speak, in the name...!
J: People do not believe what Heaven announces through the “privileged souls”; the things She (he points upward) charges the privileged souls to impart, in the name of Jesus Christ; and when Jesus Himself appears, still they do not believe. Jesus and His Mother have said so often what is being said now, that everything is rotten in the Church, but, exactly as I have said, the bishops do not believe it; now the places of pilgrimage, more so the older than the more recent ones, are no longer recognized. There is still some superficial belief in Lourdes and Fatima, etc. but there are no longer many graces in those places, because the priests no longer say the good Mass there... (He remains silent) 
E: Tell the truth, Judas Iscariot, in the name...!
J: There are certain priests there who would indeed like to say a Mass of their own invention - so to speak - and to send the other priests packing. Already, Fatima is in the lead, and soon Lourdes... 
E: Tell the truth, by order of the Blessed Virgin! Lucifer must not disturb you, nor prevent you from talking!
J: ...soon Lourdes will not be very far behind. Moreover, not many Catholics go to Lourdes any more, because they consider it out of date to honor the Blessed Virgin or to go on a pilgrimage. 
E: By order of the Blessed Virgin, continue to tell the truth, saying now everything that you have been charged by the Blessed Virgin to say!