Future Map of the U.S

This will take place only after the Warning.

As I was walking and praying, the ground began to shake and everything around me was moving. I was shown the movements worldwide of the Tectonic Plates. I was shown that many areas of the earth had been shaken, there were eruption of volcanoes and earthquakes and many countries seemed to disappear. The United States of America was no longer the same as areas of the West Coast and East Cost were cut into small Islands. California, Oregan, Washington State were now small areas. The Pacific Coast was almost near Nevada. The East Cost almost disappeared, and most states were gone. The Atlantic Ocean was now near the Appalachian Mountains. The tip of Florida had sunken into the Ocean. Most of the Southern Costal States had sunk into the Gulf of Mexico. I saw land masses come out of the ocean and they formed livable areas.

Texas: I was shown that a river had been formed in Texas from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to the Great Lakes. I saw a large river/lake with the coastline east of San Antonio, Texas.  Austin, Texas and Dallas/Fort Worth were gone. On the other side of this large mass of water was from mid-Louisiana all the way to the Great Lakes. Everything in between was gone and underwater.

Map of US after chastisements


Every continent has changed its natural physical appearance as we now know it. Canada was also affected. Everyone in the Refuges were saved and suffered no harm. What I was shown was not the complete effects that took place worldwide. I was shown man-made shelters that were constructed by un-Godly men. There was no existence of God’s presence. Men assumed that they were smarter than God. All were destroyed and no one survived. My opinion is that the men who built the Titanic believed they were more powerful than God. They were mistaken. God is the only who can bring salvation to the soul and to mankind.  If God is not in your life no one can save you.

Confirmation: It was very difficult for me to acknowledge what I had been shown and saw. About a week later, I received a written letter by a virtuous, Christian elderly gentleman in his 80s. His drawing and letter showed me the same vision and message I was given. He was from Blanco, Texas. His letter and drawing showed the exact same vision of the Map of the United States and other parts of the world that I was shown.  I had no idea who the gentleman was. The Lord confirmed my concerns through this elderly angel. Through the years I lost his letter of explanation and a hand drawn map of what I was shown.

War and Rumors of War: I never plan or know when the Lord and Our Lady allow me to see about  what is to come in the future. I had a vision that my family and I were leaving our home in Austin, Texas and we were walking at night towards the Texas Hill Country. There was a large group of people behind me and I was carrying our little boy Stevie. I was telling everyone to hurry. We were all in prayer. It was dark at night and as we were climbing a small mountain, I heard a boom and a flash of light while looking back towards San Antonio, Texas. As an ex-military man, I knew it was the detonation of a nuclear bomb. I then heard the same nuclear blast hitting Austin, Texas. As we continue climbing, I  heard a second nuclear explosion coming from San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio was the home of five military bases and Austin had Bergstrom AFB. I saw a nuclear explosion hit the downtown areas. Later, after a lot of discernment and prayer, I questioned as to why the  downtown of each city was hit  and not the bases?  I concluded that whomever the enemy was, they needed the airfields of the military bases  to land their aircrafts.

I also saw foreign troops attacking the citizens of our country. In the early days of the 80’s I couldn’t imagine how this could happen as I was being shown the future. Now we have thousands of foreign soldiers coming into our country with the blessing of the US government. I was shown that they were embedded into terrorist groups in every major city of our country. I was shown American Communists, Chinese, Russians, Cubans and socialists from all over the world. Satan wants to destroy the United States because it was founded on the principle of worshipping God.  Our Blessed Mother warned us repeatedly, but we refuse to listen. We have taken greed, wealth, politics as our idols. A Civil War is coming and will take place, but we will prevail only with God on our side. Devout, faithful, God-fearing Americans will rise and defend our freedom. The rest of us will be strong prayer warriors. It is only through our love of God and prayer that we can we defeat the evil of Satan that has taken a stronghold of our Nation. We are all called to be an Army of holy warriors for God. The remnant Church.