God does not force our will

God treats every soul with infinite respect and, therefore, because He does not force our will, man can resist grace and make the divine desire sterile. In fact, throughout the day, perhaps in small things, we say no to God. And we must try to say yes many times to what the Lord asks of us, and not to selfishness, to the impulses of pride, to laziness.

The free response to God's grace must be made in thought, in words and in deeds. Faith alone is not enough to cooperate adequately: God asks for personal effort, works, initiatives, effective desires.... Although Our Lord, by his Death on the Cross, merited for us an infinite treasure of good things, these graces are not granted to us all at once; and their greater or lesser abundance depends on how we respond. When we are ready to say yes to the Lord in everything, we attract a true shower of gifts. Grace, the love of God, floods us when we are faithful to the little hints of each day: when we live the "heroic minute" in the morning and try to ensure that our first thought is for the Lord, when we prepare for Holy Mass and reject the distractions that try to keep us from what matters, when we offer our work....

No one can say that he has been forgotten or forsaken by God, if he does everything in his power, because the Lord grants his help to everyone, even to those who are outside the Church through no fault of their own13. Moreover, the Lord, infinitely merciful and patient, has sought again and again, in a thousand different ways, the return of those who left with their inheritance and now find themselves in a pitiful situation. Every day he goes out to wait for him and moves his heart so that he may resume the path that leads to his father's house. And when he finds correspondence to his graces, he pours in aid and goods, and encourages him to go higher and higher.

If, in this personal prayer, we find it difficult to reciprocate, let us follow this advice: "Enter into conversation with Mary and confide to her: O Lady, to live the ideal that God has placed in my heart, I need to fly... very high, very high! (...) ". And close to Mary we always find Joseph, her most faithful spouse, who knew so well and so promptly how to carry out what God, through the Angel, was manifesting to her. We can turn to him throughout the day, so that he may help us to hear clearly the voice of the Holy Spirit in so many details and on such small occasions, and so that we may be strong enough to put it into practice.