Healing from Pornography



What Jesus has shown me is that we need to repent for each and every sin we ever committed. If you looked at 10 porn images, then you need to repent for each one. If you have looked at 100 porn images, then you MUST repent for all 100 images you looked at. Each image you look at has an assigned demonic spirit that will attach to you just because you viewed the porn image. So by looking at 100 porn images, you then have 100 demons attached to you, to your body!

Step One: The best way to achieve healing from each porn demon is to visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament either in the Chapel or before the Lord’s Tabernacle in the Church. Ask the Holy Spirit to unlock your con- scious and subconscious mind so that you can recall each image one at a time.

Step Two: Ask Jesus to show you each pornographic image that must be confessed. As soon as Jesus shows you a porn image, immediately hand it to Jesus Christ.

Step Three: Ask Jesus to forgive you for looking at that porn image in the first place! To have mercy on you for your sinful behavior. Repent to the Lord and ask Him to purge that evil porn image from you once and for all. Then thank Jesus for His mercy.

Step Four: Continue this process over and over again. For every single image you have looked at, you must hand it to Jesus and ask Jesus to purge it from your conscious and subconscious memory forever.

Step Five: You now must go to Sacramental Confession! Confess, confess and confess how many images you looked at, how many images Jesus showed you and you asked Him to purge from your memory.

If you still have not been completely set free from viewing pornographic images, then you have an aggravated demonic bondage issue. You must completely REPENT from all porn images but any actions you committed by looking at those images, such as: Masturbation, must also be repented for!


Masturbation is a sin, in case you didn’t know that. If you have masturbated, pleasured yourself while look- ing at any pornographic images, then you have a case of aggravated pornography demons. You must confess this behavior during Sacramental Confession before these wicked masturbation demons will leave you.

You should go through the process of handing these wicked images AND your performing masturbation while looking at these images to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament before going to Sacramental Confession.


During the process of giving Jesus all the pornographic images, and truly repenting to Him for your viewing these images; you should begin feeling these demonic spirits leaving you. These demons will be commanded by Jesus Christ to depart from you! That is the result of our repentance to the Lord for sinning against Him.

During this process, you can feel five or ten pounds of weight leaving from behind your back or neck area. The demons come from different fallen Choirs of Angels, they have different sizes so they weigh differently. The numbers of demons that will leave you is based upon your level of repentance and pleading to Jesus to save you and to save your marriage (for those who are married).


Be assured that the demons who have attached to any one will make a man or woman impotent! These demons will destroy a marriage and make having any sexual encounter distorted with various forms of forbidden relations in the Eyes of God such as: Oral Sex (blow job) or Anal Sex.

Demons will do anything to destroy the Sacramental Marriage, which results in traumatized children living a life with divorced parents. How painful it is for children having to endure this terrible cross at a young age.


If you believe you cannot get all these demons off of your body, then maybe you can contact me at the Apostolate of the Green Scapular. I will do my best to call you back when I have the time. I will call you with a blocked phone number but if you do not answer, I will try to call back at a specific time and let you know when the next call will be placed.

Please begin your healing process with ordering your own “free” blessed Green Scapular Kit and writing your own name on it. You just need to write your first name on it, Jesus knows and loves you deeply. You can contact us via email at: apostolate@greenscapular.org or visit our website at: www.greenscapular.org. You can go to the “Contact” page and order your own “free” blessed Green Scapular Kit there. God bless you and keep fighting evil with prayers.