Inside the Refuges

The Refuge will be a place of holiness and the love of God will be present. There will be many repentant sinners, but no sin will be able to exist in God’s presence. I saw hundreds of people working in harmony and fellowship. There were ladies that worked with the children while most men did the " hard labor". The food was plentiful. I saw angels throughout the refuge helping and working with people. Prayer was continuous. I saw holy priests giving the community the Sacraments. I saw everyone, including non-Roman Catholics, praying the Rosary with Our Lady.

I was shown angels carrying Holy Shrines and Basilicas and were being transported inside the Refuge. Many small homes that were Refuges were also brought inside this Large Refuge. Many people that were sick or incapacitated were brought in and they were healed instantly of all their affliction in an instant. Those that were walking God’s Grace were the first to enter this Refuge. The Refuge is the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Heaven was the Refuge. The beautiful colors throughout were beyond our imagination and all creation was singing in harmony to God. The grass and the trees worshipped their Creator. The grass was waving back and forth like velvet singing in harmony with the trees and the wind.

I saw people of all cultures and denominations working as one community of God. There was no anger, no hatred, no strife, just complete peace and harmony. The Lord has chosen seven anointed persons that are to be in charge, and a leader that I assumed was a prophet. I saw young men that would go out of the Refuge to rescue those that needed help to come in. I saw angels bringing people from all parts of the area into the Refuge. There was complete order and harmony, and no fear or anxiety from anyone. I saw myself going out of the Refuges and helping and directing the young men. People were being let by angels and they were coming from all directions. We all knew that there was horrific fighting and chaos outside the Refuges

There are many other revelations that I have been shown but was told to keep to myself until I am told to disclose them. What I am sharing with you is currently taking place or developing rapidly. My family and are now living in the Texas Hill Country. My Spiritual Director, after 20 years of not seeing each other, has been sent to our parish. The words and messages that I was shown/told are coming to pass without any personal effort or steering on my part. We have encountered other people, and even some pastors, that have received the same or similar messages, and have moved to this area. I have been asked to speak in various locations about Jesus and have travelled all over the country when invited.

Amen and God bless all of us.