Message of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


 My children, today begins the month consecrated to My Divine Heart and many souls have considered it and are mobilizing to offer Me extra acts. But children, many priests, priests who have been in their ministry for years, do nothing to relieve and console My Divine Heart from the many ingratitudes I receive and from so many outrages, and I would like My priests to mobilize themselves to speak to the faithful about My Holy and Sacred Heart, making known to them Its greatness and Its promises, and to bring them closer to Me through extra pious acts toward My Divine Heart that My Eternal Father loves so much. I, Jesus, speak to you.

All those who do little or much for My Sacred Heart will not go unrewarded, because I will pay you abundantly for what you do for Me, as long as it is your love for Me that moves you and not vainglory or the desire for prominence.

My Blessed Mother is the first one who in this holy month liturgically consoles Me for all the evils and sins that I receive, that the spitting of those who crucified Me are nothing in comparison with what I receive now. The faithful who go to Communion sacrilegiously, priests who celebrate unworthily, bishops who think only of their reputation and not of their sacred and special ministry. Oh children, how much pain for Me who love you so much and gave you so much! How much pain!

To you little souls who do things in honor of My Divine Heart, I look at you with benevolence and I carry you in My Heart and I will carry you for all eternity, because he who loves Me on earth is the one who loves Me, and I will carry you for eternity.

 For he who loves Me on Earth, I will love him in Heaven, and he who loves Me in this life, I will love him in the next. I, Jesus speak to you and I bless you. My peace and that of My Eternal Father be with you always.