Put My messages into practice


Heaven and earth will pass away but My words will not pass away. I, Jesus, speak to you (Mt 24:35).

My children who read these messages, who praise them, who spread them, I ask above all that you put them into practice, because if you read something and do not put it into practice, it is as if water were falling on a raincoat on which the drops slip.

Do not let My words slip into your souls, do not think you are advanced in virtue, far from it! You must grow every day, because not to grow every day is to go backwards. If a little child did not grow every day, his organism would not function properly, something bad would be happening to him, thus My children in the soul. Every day you must grow and eradicate vices, bad habits, softening your character, working with more responsibility and diligence, edifying with your lifestyle, not only those outside but also those within your families, children, holiness has no limits, you must always go forward (and so) until the last moment of your lives. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Every day you in sports, in professional matters and jobs, you wish to go higher, and those who can no longer aspire to more and will stay where they are, try to maintain their position until the day of retirement. Well then, in the soul you have to act in the same way, try to rise more in holiness and in all the virtues and try to persevere in holiness until the end, for which I will not deny you My grace.

 Holiness is your work and you have to propose to be saints! until the last breath of your existence.

Do not read messages and say how beautiful! I speak so that you may put them into practice, to help you walk on the paths of perfection, to awaken you to reflection, to reconversion, to help you in the great enterprise of eternal salvation, therefore, may My words penetrate you and not slip off like raindrops on a raincoat. May My words be words that make you tear yourselves away from your idleness, to begin to walk on the path of perfection. I, Your Jesus and My Holy Mother are here to help you in this, but you children, you have to propose the change, the beginning of a holy life and, even if you fall again and again, in the end, by having the will to do it and with My grace, you will succeed. I, Jesus, your Savior, speak to you and bless you. My peace to all who read and put these messages into practice.


Yo, Jesús, os hablo