Saint Joseph and his message of life and hope for the world


Peace in your heart, my son!

My son, when men and women cannot deserve God's gaze and attract His grace with their supplications before His Divine Heart, because of their sins, CHILDREN GET EVERYTHING from My Divine Son, with their supplications before His Throne. It was so in the terrible times of World War II, when the Pope invited parents and priests to bring children around the altar of my Immaculate Bride, offering flowers and prayers to obtain the gift of peace for families and for all mankind, and God heard the prayers of the children and, in these difficult times, it will be no different.

Tell the parents to ask their little children to pick flowers from their garden, if they have them, and to place them in front of the altar in their homes, in honor of my Divine Son and my Immaculate Bride, and to say:

"Jesus and Mary, it was St. Joseph who asked me to offer you these flowers with my prayers, united to his seven sorrows and his seven joys, to his tears and his sweat poured out to sustain, help and protect you in the difficulties, persecutions and dangers you went through while living in this valley of tears; for all this, have mercy on all mankind. United to his most chaste Heart, we honor your Sacred Hearts, offering our prayers, as reparation for our sins and for the sins of the whole world, by which you are offended, and as supplication for the conversion of sinners. Drive away the terrible plague as soon as possible and obtain for us the grace of deliverance and victory over all evil. Amen!

By doing so, my son, my Immaculate Bride, who is seated at the right hand of the King of Heaven, as Queen, with shining garments of gold ofir, will know what to do and what to ask before the Divine Heart of my Son Jesus, for each one of you and for the whole world. Act! This is my message, my MESSAGE OF LIFE AND HOPE FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD, for my Son is alive and risen and has conquered sin and death to open the gates of heaven and give eternal life to all those who believe in the power of His words and His divine love.