Schneider criticizes the excommunication of Viganó


The Vatican should think twice before excommunicating Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Astana, Kazakhstan, told (June 24).

"I think the pope would be wise and prudent not to excommunicate Archbishop Viganò".

He added that “with this act, the Holy See will increase divisions even more.”

Mgr Schneider suggested that Vatican officials should invite Viganò privately, rather than in a judicial setting, to smooth over differences.




Viganò's public statements are not helpful, Mgr Schneider added: "I lament that Archbishop Viganò uses disrespectful language."

Schneider considers Viganò “in error, because he is voicing a new theory of the probably invalid theory of Francis’ illegitimate election.” Viganò's positions have “no foundation.”

The bishop has asked Mgr Viganò to avoid using "disrespectful language" about Francis.

"I think that today the church has so much internal division that it would be imprudent, even if there is some canonical ground to judge Archbishop Viganò."