The heart of Mary

As we considered on yesterday's feast, the heart expresses and is a symbol of the intimacy of the person. The first time the Heart of Mary is mentioned in the Gospel is to express all the richness of the Virgin's interior life: Mary - St. Luke writes - kept all these things, pondering them in her heart2.

The Preface of the Mass proclaims that Mary's Heart is wise, because she understood the meaning of the Scriptures as no other creature did, and kept the memory of the words and things connected with the mystery of salvation; immaculate, that is, immune from every stain of sin; docile, because he submitted himself most faithfully to the will of God in all his desires; new, according to the ancient prophecy of Ezekiel - I will give you a new heart and a new spirit3 - clothed with the newness of grace merited by Christ; humble, imitating that of Christ, who said: Learn of Me, for I am meek and lowly in heart4; simple, free from all duplicity and filled with the Spirit of truth; clean, able to see God according to the Blessedness of the Lord5; firm in accepting the will of God, when Simeon announced to her that a sword of sorrow would pierce her heart6 , when persecution was unleashed against her Son7 or when the moment of his Death arrived; willing, since, while Christ slept in the tomb, in imitation of the bride in the Song of Songs8 , she kept vigil awaiting the resurrection of Christ.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary is called, above all, the sanctuary of the Holy Spirit9 because of her divine Maternity and because of the continuous and full indwelling of the divine Spirit in her soul. This sublime maternity, which places Mary above all creatures, was realized in her Immaculate Heart before it was realized in her most pure womb. The Word that she gave birth to according to the flesh she first conceived according to faith in her heart, affirm the Holy Fathers10. By her Immaculate Heart, full of faith and love, humble and surrendered to the will of God, Mary merited to carry in her virginal womb the Son of God.

She always protects us, like a mother protects her infant son who is surrounded by dangers and difficulties everywhere, and she makes us grow continually. How can we not turn to her daily? "Sancta Maria, Stella maris"-Holy Mary, Star of the Sea, condescend us!

"Thus cry out with reciprocity, for there is no storm that can make shipwreck the Most Sweet Heart of the Virgin. When you see the storm coming, if you go into that firm refuge, which is Mary, there is no danger of capsizing or sinking "11. In her we find a safe harbor where it is impossible to be shipwrecked.


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