Message from Prado Nuevo --Spain



The Lord:
My children, here I am again, warning my children, and giving a message to all men. Men close their ears to my words, poor Humanity!
Yes, my daughter, men say that they do not find me; but how can you say, my children, that you do not find me, if I am in the tabernacle every day, asking you: come to me, and I will console you? Pay me a visit, my children, for every day I am alone and sad, seeing how Humanity walks towards destruction. What a pity of men, and what a pity of society! They are not looking for me, my children, how can they find me? If I am here, so that all those who come to me contrite and repentant may give me the embrace of a friend. Come to me, my children, you who have your consciences asleep, wake up, wake up, my children! How many souls are lost because they do not want to listen to the word of God!

Each time, Humanity gets deeper and deeper into the swampy pits of immorality. Do you not feel sorry for your Jesus, my children? How sad our Hearts feel, when we give graces in abundance and men trample on them, as they trample on my Blood, when man goes about saying that Hell does not exist! I speak to you of my mercy, but I also speak to you of my justice. "Who will be saved?", I have been telling you for many, many years, my daughter: those who keep my commandments.


My children, I am not a punishing father; the children are the ones who offend My Divine Majesty. My children, I am giving you fountains of graces, so that you may go and drink and so that you may not get lost and may be eternally with Me!

I have already told you everything, my children, and I keep repeating and repeating to men the same message: love for one another, compassion for my Divine Heart and that of my Pure and Immaculate Mother, which is surrounded by so many thorns, so many thorns of those chosen souls who confuse men. Woe to all those Pharisees who confuse the word of God!

How will you see the light, my children, if many of you are in darkness, full of lust and sin? The light shines on the darkness, I have said it many, many times, my children; but the darkness will never enlighten the light.

I have already said everything, my children, what more can I say? Repent, my children, confess your faults and do sacrifice and penance.
Kiss the ground, my daughter, in reparation for so many sins committed in the world, and for so many offenses to our Hearts....

I ask for sacrifice and penance. Love one another and do not let your consciences fall asleep. Be awake, my children.

Raise all objects; all will be blessed with special blessings for the conversion of poor sinners....
I bless you, my children, as the Father blesses you through the Son and with the Holy Spirit.