Selected messages from Mary Jane Even


Prophetic Messages by Jesus to Mary Jane Even

The First Year (Nov. 1992-Oct. 1993)

page 4

"Your Church, My Church, the Holy Roman Catholic Church is now in schism. You do not need to travel very far from home to realize great differences in liturgies and in the stated beliefs of My Faith as espoused by some clergy and religious.Prepare yourselves for even greater schism and know all who follow the True Faith and Church of Jesus Christ united with your Holy Pontiff shall be taken cared of, indeed called to a "safe-haven" are which has been prepared and is being protected by the Angels as We speak. None of you shall be lost. All of you will be able to practice your True Faith in holiness. Ask Me to help you find such a place."

page 5-6

"Too many of My Priests and Religious do not believe in Me, do not pray and wish to form their own Church. It is all part of the thinking and purpose of the Schism. We all must pray for them, but you must do more still. You must promote the True Faith and support at all costs the Holy Vicar Pope John Paul II even when he is apparently not still Pope, for he will be Pope until I anoint another on earth. Be assured you will receive in your heart an understanding of the problems in the Church, My Church. Recognize that Heaven knows, Heaven plans, and shall act for all that God does is for the best. I will guide you."

 page 9

"I shall come to correct My Church and set right the heresy and apostasy. The "craziness" and casual error shall not be allowed to continue. The evilness which now permeates My Church shall now be stomped out, though you will need to wait yet a little while longer. My Eternal Father has decreed the end of errors and the proper reestablishment of My Church." -Amen.

page 10

"All of Heaven and the good souls on earth, cry out for mercy on the Faith and Church now, and We have heard their cries."
"Be it known that there shall be a great scandal among the Church Hierarchy which shall redound to all nations. It shall cause schism. But even in schism, a new strengthening of Faith and Church shall arise."
"All those who believe in the Faith and Church of Jesus Christ, the Holy Roman Catholic Church of St. Peter, shall now stand against those who shall proclaim a new Catholic Church. In doing so these heretics of the new religion shall seal their demise, while the Faithful shall flourish and reestablish the Church and the Church's Dogmas on Faith and Morals for the Glory of God." Amen.

Page 12

"Each day My Blessed Mother cries before the Eternal Father asking Him to hold back His Arm of Justice so a few more Souls can be saved. 

Each day My Father asks if the Holy Mass has been said worthily and if His Holy Son has been further maligned. She searches for examples of new holiness, new reverence in the Catholic Churches and any sign that my Precious Blood is not continuing to be shed in vain." Amen.

page 23

"Now, my dear children, I wish to speak of the Church, its Priests and Holy Ministers - the Prelates. Each day My Church suffers the Cross of suffering that I have suffered. Each day the Church is embroiled in great controversy and it shall get worse and worse. All these suffering has been foretold in the Scriptures. It should not surprise, but the magnitude of the problems should cause all those in my church, especially the prelates, to reflect and recognize that much is a result of their doing, their sin". Amen.

"Each day I ask the Faithful and True members of My Church to pray for their Priests and Prelates that they may come to the realization that sin has entered into the Liturgy and Holy Rites of the Church: that sin has entered into the very holiest institutions and tradition of My Faith and Church.

My Sons, what do you do now is in grave error. You have taken great liberties. You have caused grave scandal. Do you no see it?" Amen.