Three days of darkness

Jesus says in English: "Three days of darkness." - in German, "Drei Tage der Dunkelheit."

"And death will be no more."
This event will be very intense and people will only want to pray, pray and pray again. Peoplewill be frightened because all the dark beings will rise up. They will show themselves and try tosnatch as many people as possible and lead them astray. You can be guided by the candlelight of candles, preferably consecrated ones, when you sit at home and pray. It would be good to have food on hand. Above all else, it is about letting your own soul light shine.
Now the seer sees Jesus walking with a graceful, elegant, quiet and humble glory.

His radiance is indescribable and He walks across the earth in very great stature, creating order.
Jesus walks along a path towards a throne of light where He takes His rightful place. In truth, He has never really left this throne. His head is adorned with a crown and He shines in radiant glory. Glory, magnanimity and divine consciousness and love emanate from Him and in this way He officially resumes His place on the throne.

Jesus repeats: "The living and the dead shall be judged."
Only now does the actual judgment take place, now that He has ascended the throne.
Everything before, the ball of light, seems to have been just the preparation. People believe thatwrath and punishment await them, as it is before a human judgment, but this is a different kind of judgment. This is a spiritual judgment. As if it were taking place in other dimensions and
realms that we humans cannot even imagine.
Everything is balanced against each other. How has your soul developed and how have you behaved as a result? It is soul-searching.

There are different levels, levels of consciousness, so to speak, which are represented visually.
Like clouds that lie on top of each other.
There are low and high levels and one seems to be psychologically assigned based on one’s own consciousness.
The seer remembers a hymn.... "What have you done, whom have you loved for my sake?"
There are different categories in heaven than on earth. We are much more concerned with our earthly existence, such as starting a family, relationships with other people, friendships or the household. Did I keep my car clean, did I mow the lawn?
However, with Jesus, what we call heaven, there are other categories - other questions are asked. This is an attempt to list, but it is certainly not an exhaustive list.

Have you stood up for others?
Have you been there for others?
Have you made an effort to spread love?
Have you made an effort to send out peace?
Have you used your gifts for others? Have you helped others with these?
It's about love. It's about love between people.
Have you managed to bring the divine part of you into the world?
How much did you shine?
This is not intended as an achievement, but simply as a soul-searching, honest inventory.
Have you shone consciously or unconsciously?
Have you carried your glow?
Have you spread your glow?
Have you passed it on if someone has not shone brightly themselves?

Have you helped others to shine themselves?
Have you reminded them of their own glow?
It's all about the love and light you bring into the world.
It's not at all about whether you were successful, drove the best cars or wore the most
expensive coats. But rather: Have I fulfilled my divine mission that I have committed to fulfill?
Have I done everything I can to fulfill my soul's mission?
Have I managed to do that?
Have I managed to remember that?

It's a completely different perspective. Beautiful and amazing.
In the next section of the vision, one can see the globe in the universe and the sphere of lightabove it. The water moves, sloshes and floods occur.
It seems as if meteorites and satellites are falling from the sky and crashing into the water.
Jesus stands next to the seer and thanks her:
"Thank you my child. Let my love flow through you. Thank you for taking the time. Thank you for being willing to do this. Have no fear. Pass on my warnings.”
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.