Trust in God


This falling asleep of Jesus, when his disciples felt lost in the midst of the storm, while they struggled with all their strength, has often been compared to that silence of God in which it seems, at times, as if he were absent and unconcerned about the difficulties of men and of the Church.

Faced with similar situations, when the storm is upon us, when our efforts seem useless, we should follow the example of the Apostles and turn to Jesus with complete confidence: Lord, save us, for we are perishing! We will feel the efficacy of his infinite power and it will fill us with serenity.

Why are you afraid, O you of little faith," he says to his own who are in anguish and on the verge of perishing? Why are you afraid when I am with you? He is the security, the only true security. It is enough to be with him in his boat, within reach of his gaze, to overcome fears and difficulties, moments of darkness and confusion, trials, misunderstandings and temptations. Insecurity appears when faith weakens, and with weakness comes mistrust: we could then forget that when the difficulty is greater, the more powerful the Lord's help manifests itself, as always happens: in trying to live one's Christian vocation to the full, in family life, in professional work..., in the apostolate.

Jesus wants to see us with peace and serenity in all moments and circumstances. Do not be afraid, it is I, he says to his disciples who are frightened by the waves. And on another occasion: To you, my friends, I say: Do not be afraid...2 Already from his entrance into the world he indicated how his presence among men would be. The message of the Incarnation opens precisely with these words: Do not be afraid, Mary3 . 3 And to St. Joseph the Angel of the Lord will also say: Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid4; and to the shepherds he will repeat again: Do not be afraid5. We cannot be afraid of anything. The very holy fear of God is a form of love: it is fear of losing him.

Full trust in God, with whatever human means are necessary in every situation, gives the Christian a singular strength and a special serenity in the face of events and tribulations. The frequent consideration throughout each day of our divine filiation leads us to address God, not as a distant, indifferent and cold being who keeps silent, but as a father attentive to his children. We will see Him as the Friend who never fails and who is always ready to help, and to forgive if necessary. Together with Him we will understand that all tribulations and difficulties are good for the creature if we know how to accept them with faith, if we do not separate ourselves from Him "Blessed are the misfortunes of the earth! -Poverty, tears, hatred, injustice, dishonor..... 

The Lord watches over his own, even when he seems to sleep.


Hablar con Dios