From Heaven, Mary takes care of her children

Today the Virgin, Mother of God, has been taken to Heaven; she is the figure and first fruits of the Church that one day will be glorified; she is the consolation and hope of your people, still pilgrims on earth.

Let us look to Our Lady, Assumed already in Heaven. "And just as the traveler, making a screen with his hand to contemplate some vast panorama, seeks in the surroundings some human figure that will give him an idea of those places, so we, who look towards God with dazzled eyes, identify and welcome a purely human figure, which is beside his throne. A ship has finished its voyage, a destiny has been fulfilled, a human perfection has existed. And as we look at her we see God clearer, greater, through that masterpiece of his relations with humanity."

All of Mary's privileges are related to her Maternity and, therefore, to our redemption. Mary, Assumed into Heaven, is the image and foretaste of the Church that is still on the way to the Fatherland. From Heaven "she precedes the pilgrim People with her light as a sign of sure hope until the day of the Lord arrives". "With the mystery of the Assumption into heaven, all the effects of the unique mediation of Christ, Redeemer of the world and Risen Lord, have been definitively realized in Mary (...). In the mystery of the Assumption is expressed the faith of the Church that Mary "is also intimately united" to Christ. She is the assurance and proof that her children will one day be with our glorified body together with the glorious Christ. Our aspiration for eternal life takes wing when we meditate that our heavenly Mother is up there, she sees us and contemplates us with her gaze full of tenderness. With more love, the more she sees us in need. "She performs that function, proper to the mother, of mediator of clemency in the definitive coming".

She is our great advocate before the Most High. It is true that life on earth is presented to us as a vale of tears, because there is no lack of sacrifices and hardships (above all, we lack Heaven). But, at the same time, the Lord gives us many joys and we have the hope of Glory to walk with optimism. Among these reasons for joy, there is St. Mary. She is our life, our sweetness and our hope: the affection of the Mother makes itself felt in the life of the Christian. Turn to us those merciful eyes of yours, we say to her. Mary's eyes, like those of her Son, are of mercy and compassion. She never fails to lend a helping hand to those who come to her protection: Never has it been said that none of those who have come to your protection has ever been heard of: ..... Let us try to seek more the intercession of Our Lady, the Queen of heaven and earth. Let us go to the Refuge of sinners; and we will say to her: show us Jesus, who is what we need most.

What security, what joy is possessed by the soul that in every circumstance turns to the Blessed Virgin with the simplicity and trust of a child with his mother! "As a docile instrument in the hands of the exalted God writes a Father of the Church, so I would wish to be subject to the Virgin Mother, integrally dedicated to her service. Grant it to me, Jesus, God and Son of man, Lord of all things and Son of your handmaid (...). Grant that I may serve your Mother so that you may acknowledge me as your servant; that she may be my sovereign on earth so that you may be my Lord for all eternity "1 But we must examine what our daily dealings with her are like. If you are proud to be a child of Holy Mary, ask yourself: "How many manifestations of devotion to Our Lady do I have during the day, from morning to night?": the Angelus, the Holy Rosary, the three Hail Marys in the evening....