Satan has sent his black angels

Jesus says:

"I told you one day that in this present tragedy the forces of Satan are already in motion, who has sent his black angels to move the kingdoms of the earth against each other. The supernatural Battle has already begun. That is it. It is behind the scenes of the little human battle.

Small not by extent of mass, but by motive. It is not, the small human motive is not its origin. It is not. It is another the true motive that makes of the brothers so many homicidal beasts that bite and kill each other.

You fight with your bodies. But in reality it is the souls that fight. You fight by order of four or five mighty ones. You think it is so. No. One is the executor of this ruin. One who is on earth, because you want him, but who is not of this earth. Satan is the one who pulls the strings of this carnage in which, more than the bodies, it is the souls that die.

This is one of the initial battles. The kingdom of the Antichrist needs a cement made of blood and hatred to consolidate itself.

And you, who no longer know how to love, take upon yourselves the obligation to serve him and kill each other, and you curse the one who is not to blame for your evil: God, who fights with his angels to protect what is his; Faith in the hearts of Christians, Goodness in the hearts of the good.

I am not the one who makes the selection, for the time being. It is you who select yourselves, spontaneously. Those who, in spite of the horror, know how to understand that God is always God, that is, Goodness and Justice, and that salvation is in following the Law of God, separate themselves from those who deny these truths. The former ascend to meet the Light, the others plunge into Darkness.

Truly Satan tends, with his demons, to make a second ascent to Heaven. But rejected by my archangel, he rushes down to earth to defeat God' through the hearts of his children. Because every soul that is lost is a defeat for God. And Satan succeeds easily because the hearts of men have no more flame of spirit. It has no more life of spirit. It is a knot of sin in which the threefold lust that kills the spirit thrives.

Blessed are those who have overcome by virtue of the blood of the Lamb and have remained and will always remain faithful. Blessed are those who have rejected Satan and his blandishments and have not worried about their apparent triumphs, their efforts unleashed in this hour, which he knows is brief for his kingdom of curse, and who remain faithful to Christ and his Church, dismembered by anti-Christian persecution, martyred undefeated like the Great Martyr her Spouse, Christ Crucified, but risen more beautiful, after apparent death, to enter glorified into Heaven, where the true Pontiff awaits her to celebrate the wedding feast".

Valtorta Notebooks 1943