Vatican Condemned in United Kingdom

• A London Court sentenced the Secretariat of State, on July 26, to pay £200K for legal fees to Raffaele Mincione, one of the defendants in the Vatican’s Sloane Avenue trial.

• The Secretariat of State had told the London judge that it was “a neutral party” in the Vatican court case (although it had formed a civil action against all the defendants), and that Mincione’s lawsuit was a way to circumvent the sovereignty of the Vatican.

• Mincione had presented statements by Parolin and Francis in which they said regarding the Sloane palace that “there had definitely been a crime” and those guilty must be punished.

• The Vatican accuses Mincione of bribing Vatican officials resulting in €120-250M losses for the Secretariat of State.

• To finally sell the London palace, many operations needed to be carried out because around that palace there were many operations that were unclear (Galantino, APSA).

• Mincione said during the Vatican trial that if the Vatican had not screwed up the deal by buying up the whole palace and renouncing the restructuring plan that would certainly have yielded hundreds of millions, everything would have been fine.

• Mincione insists, there was no scam and everything was authorised by Francis.