Vatican Denies ANY Request To Celebrate The Roman Mass

Armour-Plated Rigidity: Vatican Denies ANY Request To Celebrate The Roman Mass

Joseph Shaw (, August 12) has obtained the copy of a letter Neo-Cardinal Arthur Roche is sending to EVERY BISHOP requesting permission for priests to celebrate the Roman Mass.

Roche writes that "this Dicastery [for the liturgy] is of the opinion that [this permission] would not be an opportune decision. Therefore, we deny the request."

He explains that Francis' [rigid] intentions in Traditionis custodes are "quite clear" and that he underlined them in his "Letter to Bishops of the Whole World" and in his "Responsa ad dubia."

Roche quotes Sacrosanctum Concilium (Vatican II) and Desiderio Desideravi about “Francis’ desire that unity around the celebration of the liturgy be re-established” - as if there were ANY unity around the Novus Ordo.

Roche's last sentence is that "there is of course no difficulty for Fr [name cancelled] to celebrate Mass according to the editio typica tertia (2008) of the Missale Romanum.”

Shaw notices that the reasons for refusing the request is entirely general, whereas even Francis has explicitly provided for the granting of permission.