My Light will soon dazzle the world!

Carbonia 18.10.2022

My Light will soon dazzle the world!

Friends of the Risen One, here I am among you, in a moment you will know my Face and you will be with me forever.

Darkness already envelops the Earth, but the Lord of Lords, the King of kings, opens his blessed mantle to envelop his chosen ones.

Meditate, all of you, meditate. The arrival of a seagull will be the warning of my divine intervention.

Jesus in his All begins his new mission, 

the time of the old things has passed, now are the new things.

You will be before your God, oh men, you will see his Face, ... you will be enraptured by his infinite Beauty, ... you will be irradiated with his light, he will invest you with himself at the very instant you see him, you will have the sight of the new life, you will enter happily into the new life and you will vibrate with the same energy of God.

Flower of Wheat I Am!

Flowers of my Garden, to you today I say: 

                        Lift up your hearts to the Most High. 

Give yourselves to Him, give Him everything.

Share with your brothers what you possess. 

Order yourselves as true children of God!

In the middle of the night there will come a great uproar that will awaken the whole world: the voice of the Creator will thunder as never before, His wrath will be great upon those who have ignobly turned their backs on Him.

God is infinite in mercy as well as in justice. Nothing can be hidden from Him; He knows every situation and reads in people's hearts!

He is the Creator: understand this, men! He is the Creator.

Open your ears wide: ... He is the Creator!

Be pure, kneel before His laws and not before those of men.

Hurry, there is little time left for your conversion: he who remains faithful to the Creator will have eternal life, otherwise he will perish.

The pungent and repugnant odor of the traitors is now unbearable to me.

God wants to pull the Earth out of the mire that envelops it.

It is time for change, my children, prepare to enter a new situation!

The children of God will enjoy his graces while the traitors, the powerful of the Earth, the wretched deceivers who wanted to take God's place, will suddenly be catapulted into hunger and despair. Amen! Amen!