Virgin of Revelation (Tre Fontane) prophecy of atomic war


Bruno Cornacchiola is the seer of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin at Tre Fontane. Her first appearance to him was on April 12, 1947, when she announced that she is the Virgin of the Revelation. Tre Fontane lies just outside of Rome, and is the site of the martyrdom of the Apostle St. Paul. 

 As happens often to seers, the Blessed Virgin continued to appear to him throughout his life, until his passing in 2001. 

The author Saverio Gaeta had full access to all of his papers and writings, and reported many significant episodes and further revelations to Bruno is his book, Il Vegente, from which the following is taken. On March 12, 1983, Bruno wrote down these words of the Blessed Virgin:

“Love one another. It is time for real love, so that you may avoid a great environmental disaster: a war that is more powerful and more destructive than the two last world wars. His Holiness has to go as a repentant pilgrim to the Tre Fontane grotto and ask the political and religious authorities of the whole world to consecrate all the nations to my Immaculate Heart of a Mother. This will be the last opportunity that the mercy of God sends you out of His patient love. Danger is on your doorstep, an atomic war....and if you do not heed my words and do what I say, the result will be inevitable. Men who are reckless, irresponsible and proudly full of satanic arrogance want the whole world to be in their hands. They never think of the Heavenly Kingdom. How much effort goes into achieving peace; but they do not prepare for peace, in fact, without the least caution they prepare for destruction. I am talking to all of you...atomic weapons are ready to be used, men without any form of conscience are threatening to use them and this danger is much closer than you think.”


Our Lady's appeal continued:


“I have been trying to warn you for many years but you are not listening to me. My Son, however, by an act of mercy is still leaving you (because of my own intervention) a period of time for you to reflect in your conscience. The radioactive rain will pollute everything, from the plants to the water and from the animals to man. That is why you must reflect because it can be avoided, as I already told you on 12 April 1947, and also on other occasions in years gone by. The atmosphere itself will burn everything that is still left behind and you will not be able to breathe. You may call it the apocalypse, but it is actually a revelation that will come to pass if you do not convert. You will continue to be more and more exposed to physical and spiritual dangers which mean mortal danger for your soul, your spirit and your body. And you certainly won't find salvation in a bunker. 


That is why I urge you to instead seek refuge within the Church, which is my child, created by my Son for the salvation of all the world; but you must do acts of true penance and stay away from sins of the flesh. Detach yourselves from the world and sanctify yourselves with holy things. Pray, my children, pray with faith and you will be saved from satin’s hell that has come among you. It is with a Mother's love that I am asking you, so please listen to me!”