Roche "deliberately undermined" BXVI's Summorum Pontificum

Cardinal Roche "deliberately undermined" Benedict XVI's Summorum Pontificum, writes James Baresel (, February 13), and now insists on blind obedience to Traditionis Custodes.

In 2007, when he was Leeds Bishop, England, Roche issued an “interpretation” of Summorum Pontificum in which he did his best to nullify it.

He requested stable groups from within a parish, made up only of the faithful who were already attending Mass, excluding those who wished to do so.

Roche insisted that he had the authority to determine whether a priest was “qualified” to celebrate Mass and forbade his priests to celebrate Mass on a weekday if a Eucharist was scheduled for that day.

Because of disobedience such as Roche's, the Liturgy Congregation condemned interpretations that "inexplicably" sought to limit Summorum Pontificum, declaring that such bishops were allowing themselves “to be used as instruments of the devil.”

In April 2011, the Vatican's instruction Universae Ecclesiae explained that a stable group could be made up of people from different parishes or dioceses and that any Catholic priest not prevented by canon law was qualified to celebrate Mass.

It speaks volumes about Benedict XVI that in June 2012 he chose Roche as Secretary of the Congregation for the Liturgy [sic!].