Schneider Doesn't Believe in "The Three Days Of Darkness"

The "three days of darkness", prophesied by some visionaries, are not recognised by the Church, Bishop Schneider told the Fatima Confraternity (March 13, Video below).

These prophecies claim that there will be three days and nights of an intense darkness covering the globe during which the Church's enemies will perish, while the only light will come from blessed beeswax candles.

He suggests that it could be a "deception," and says that "we have to be very careful today with so many prophecies and revelations" because it is a tactic of the devil to spread more and more confusion with continuous "apparitions.”

On celebrating the Roman Rite, Schneider said that priests are free to celebrate Mass even against the [unjust] orders of their bishops. In this case, "obedience" would be wrong because Francis and the bishops "abuse their authority" and thus harm the Church.

For him, it is good to acquire former churches and other buildings to allow the celebration of Mass in spite of unjust prohibitions.