What pleases God the Father most

My children, you are commemorating in these days the greatest and most sacred mysteries of all My life, because the Passion is something that you will never be able to understand in all its immensity what it was for you. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Heaven was closed to you, even to the just who awaited their deliverance. But My Passion, My Redemption opened the gates of Heaven to give you the opportunity to reach it with your virtue and sacrifices. Be grateful then and drink from this mystery that is My Passion, meditating on so much pain, humiliation and sufferings that I endured, and next to Me, the fierce suffering of My dear Mother who, step by step, suffered everything just as I did, although mystically. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Offer to My Eternal Father the merits of My Passion and repair with it so much evil and so much perversion as there is in the world. Nothing could please My Eternal Father more than for you to offer Him My sufferings, because that is a sign that you know how to value -even in a limited way- how much they meant to Him and to you.

Meditate step by step on each moment of My Passion. The bitter hours of Gethsemane, the crowning with thorns, the scourging, My presence before Pilate, the way to Calvary with the Cross on My shoulders, the crucifixion.  By meditating properly on all these mysteries you will have the best catechesis that can be given to you, because it will be My Holy Spirit who will enlighten you to understand and sensitize you before so much ignominy. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Many times you do not know what to pray or what to offer Me. Offer Me My own Passion and configure yourselves with it. When you have a tribulation, however small it may be, unite it to My sufferings, to My Redeeming Sacrifice, and in this way you will revalue your sacrifices and tribulations, however small they may be. Sanctify this week which is Holy as you so well call it, but do not corrupt it by getting drunk or eating excessively. Be sparing in these days in which I did not spare a single instant of suffering and I did everything for you, for the remission of your sins.  Live it as My Holy Mother lived it during the years that followed My death and resurrection and as the true saints have lived it. I, Jesus, speak to you and instruct you.

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