I come to restore what Judas has destroyed -Carbonia

Carbonia 05.04.2023

Prepare for the Event

My beloved Spouse, here I come to you, I come to announce to you that the Warning is coming soon.

Centuries have passed since my First Coming: the world is not waiting for me in this my Second Coming, but "suddenly"... it will see me, it will be bewildered and very afraid.

My children,

O you who have not waited for me,

O you who have rejected me to go with Satan,

O you who had no love for Me nor for My Mother,

Truly I tell you: now is the time of my Justice!

The shining light of My Love will dazzle men: ...they will fall to the ground in terror.

My children:

I alone am the Firm Point!

Do not turn away from Me so that the darkness does not envelop you.

My children,

Strong earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will devastate many countries.

The world will be engulfed by great catastrophes that man will not be able to stop, then you will understand that only God has the power to stop everything, because He alone is!

My beloved, I God, today I reveal to you My plan of intervention.

Here I am for you, O unfaithful men.

Here I am for you, Judas

Here I am, I come to restore what you have destroyed and sold to Satan.

Here I am for you, O unfaithful men, who have delighted in the destruction of this Humanity and of your Planet; here I am for you, O unfaithful men. 

and of your Planet;

the weapons you use today against your brothers will fall upon you,

you will be tortured for eternity because I, God, will allow it.

Yes, you will reach the end that you have set for yourselves by preferring Satan to Me.

The Vatican is already surrounded by enemies: they are waiting for the traitors to open "their" doors because Satan is leading the ranks; his plan has been to destroy every Sacred Thing.

His hold is strong;

the Priests have succumbed to his seductions,

they have not been good guardians in defense of the temple,

they have not protected the holy Doctrine of God, on the contrary.

On the contrary, they collaborated so that it would be replaced by the rules of the Antichrist.

Jesus still fights today against Satan, to liberate his Sons.

Pray, all you who love the Redeemer, give Him honor and glory.

He returns today to liberate his faithful People;

He returns for all those who have loved, served, adored and followed him according to his holy directives...

Divine Justice will thunder with force!

The end of sin is before you, my children!


I come to cleanse every vile being,

I will cleanse man of sin,

I will take him out of the mire of death, ...

I will make him be reborn to a new life in Me, if he recognizes himself as a "sinner" ... 

and asks My forgiveness with true repentance of heart.

Faithful followers of your Lord Jesus Christ:

Raise your banner, your great faith in Me, so that the world may believe!

God is in you!

At this Advent He will absorb you into Himself.

Prepare yourselves for the Event!

Everything is already arranged by Heaven!

Victoria est!

Christus Vincit!

Christus Regnat!

Christus Imperat! Amen.