Francis Fights against “Sterile Traditionalism”

In a message to the May 28 Festa del Voto in Sassari - celebrated since 1943 when a vigil to Our Lady of Grace protected Sassari while other Sardinian cities were bombed - Francis mentions the Mediatrix of all graces which in December 2019 he called "foolishness."

He added his inevitable buzzwords ("pastoral conversion", "spiritual renewal", "synodality") and then threw a tantrum, “Do not give in to the temptation to remain anchored in a nostalgic popular piety that consists only of external rites or in a sterile traditionalism that is rather the expression of the dead faith of the living.”

For Francis, there is at currently a great danger of "going backwards” that "leads us to think according to the logic: it has always been done this way.”

He should refer instead to a rampant Vatican II nostalgia that insists on liturgical forms that have failed for more than half a century.