Schneider corrects Francis´ violations

Schneider: Francis' Ex-Synod Is "Radical Novelty"

Bishop Athanasius Schneider asks Francis [in vain] to rescind his decision that abolished the Bishops' Synod and gave bishops and laity an equal right to vote in the October meeting (, June 8).

Schneider calls Francis' edict a “radical novelty” which undermines the Church's hierarchical structure. As a result, the former Bishops' Synod will imitate Anglican and other Protestant gatherings.

He criticises the Vatican for creating a doctrinal and disciplinary confusion through various ex-synodal processes and documents, for example by using dubious psychological and sociological data as a criterion for deciding matters of faith, morals, and discipline.

It is clear to him that the ex-synod is a vehicle for accelerating the Protestantisation and secularisation of the Church.

Schneider expresses the pious wish that “the cardinals cannot simply remain silent while the Church is being harmed” and are obliged to appeal to Francis. The cardinals, chosen from mediocrities and sycophants, will do nothing.