Consecrate yourselves to My Blood so as not to perish

Barnabas was led by an Angel in a vision to an underworld. There, he saw a large number of soldiers, all marked with the number 666 and worshiping the Beast. The Angel then led him to a fortress that had large computer equipment. 

The Angel said, "Son of man, these people you see here are from all the countries of the world. They were chosen by the demons for the attack, at the time of the coming persecution, the time of the evil governments. With the help of these computers, all men will be marked. Pray now and prepare yourselves to endure to the end."

The Angel disappeared. Then the Sacred Head of Jesus appeared in a cloud. He approached and said: 

"Children, pray much now that there is time. Soon, this hidden government will come out and rule on Earth. With its computer, many people will be marked. All those who receive the mark will be destroyed. At that time, everything outside of My Precious Blood will be lost. Anyone who calls upon My Precious Blood will be filled with faith. Many will only find Mercy in My Precious Blood. I say to you, My beloved children, pray strongly now. Teach others how to pray. Let all men Consecrate themselves to My Precious Blood. I love you, I bless you all."

Barnabas Nwoye

Note: Rev 13, 11 (Beast coming up from under the earth)