I prefer an act of love from you to all your prayers


One day Consolata had washed her habit and needed it to dry before she could put it on. Jesus said to her: "A beautiful sun will come with a little wind to dry your habit". Who would have thought that the Lord of the universe, who rules the world, would be concerned that a habit would dry and send the sun and the wind to dry it after so many days of rain!

Another day Consolata had not been able to attend the choir to obtain the indulgences and she felt a little sorry. Jesus assured her: "Consolata, the indulgence of indulgences is the act of love. In September 1935, Jesus said to her: Smile, smile always. I myself will smile through you.

On August 2, 1935, Jesus asked her: Smile to everyone and always keep your face in an attitude of smiling, whether you work, eat, drink or sleep. Do it with much love, for I thirst for love. In any action, what I seek is love (November 29, 1935).

One day I was preparing a bouquet of flowers for Our Lady, but they were rather wilted and she was upset. Jesus said to her: Beautiful flowers of virtue cannot always be offered to God, but they can always be accompanied by love. I do not look at the flower that is offered to me, but at the love with which it is offered. The soul that is most beloved to me is the one that loves me most. Love is holiness. The more you love Me, the holier you will be (August 20, 1935). If you only knew how much more I rejoice to make a soul holy! Everyone should want saints to give me that joy.

The Heart of Jesus is a mother's heart. A mother, no matter how ugly her child may be, does not consider him as such; for her he is always beautiful and that is how her heart will always see him. Thus, exactly thus, is my Heart with souls: however ugly they may be, however muddy and dirty they may be, my love always judges them to be beautiful. And I suffer when I am given proof of their ugliness and, on the other hand, I rejoice when I am dissuaded from their ugliness and told that it is not true, that they are still beautiful 19.

One day Consolata was trying to meditate on a point she had read, but she was unable to do so, and Jesus gave her to understand: I do not need you to think, but I need you to love. Our Lady told her the same thing on December 8, 1935, feast of the Immaculate Conception: You do not need to meditate on Me, for you already know Me, but only to love Me.

Is there a prayer more beautiful and more pleasing to me than the act of love?* Do not add more vocal prayers, no, no, no. Look at the tabernacle and love like this (November 17, 1935).

I prefer an act of love from you to all your prayers (December 12, 1935).

You think only of loving Me, I will think of you and all your things, even in the smallest details. From that day Jesus took upon Himself the responsibility for all my duties, obligations, desires, in a word, for everything. He thinks of everything more than a mother. He is the one who inspires me to go to the kitchen to help or write a letter or a relationship, etc. (October 3, 1934).

He would say to me: I think and provide for everything until I make you find time to compose the sandals (September 8, 1935).

Those thoughts that you do not want and which present themselves continuously from morning till night to prevent you from loving, I change them into graces and blessings for souls. I allow this struggle of thoughts that assail you, because it gives Me glory and souls (October 20, 1935).

Consolata, you know that I think of everything, I provide you with everything, even the most insignificant things. Therefore, do not give entrance to a thought, an interest. Do not be afraid, I think of you (July 31, 1936).

You concern yourself only with loving me and saving my souls (March 21, 1942).


*Jesus, Mary, I love you, save souls.