The time of my Mercy is over!

Carbonia 22.09.2023

Beloved children,

I waited for you with so much charity:

My love is great but you do not love Me, you have given yourselves to another god and you continue to reject Me, your true God!

I beg these people of mine to convert, to return urgently to Me;

The time of my Mercy is over!

Now great disasters will begin and great pains will come to this Humanity.

My children, it is your Father who speaks to you, the One True God, the Creator!

Behold, I make my Voice thunder throughout the Earth. I call My Children to urgent repentance, there is no time left: man must return to his Creator by denying the impostor.

Beloved Sons, the time of my Manifestation has come,

I will take My Sons with Me, all those who have chosen to return to Me and to Me will have surrendered themselves body and soul.

A great scourge will now occur: the Earth will be purified!

Sin is too great!

This humanity has surrendered itself to the enemy and wallows in its putrid slime, committing the most grievous sins.

I will raise up a new people, a holy generation.

I open my Heaven to my chosen ones! The Word confronts the world in a visible way: man will see the Face of his Creator.

When this happens, the heart of the one who turned away from Me to choose the path of perdition will weep tears of blood!

My children and no longer "mine" because of your free choice. Truly I tell you:

Your time is limited to repent!

Straighten your ways in Me, turn to the One who is your true God, the One who saves!

The plantation on Earth is about to be destroyed by fire: there will be nothing left of what you know today, and there will be nothing left to feed you.

Even the water sources will be putrid, poisoned by the man of perdition.

Behold, times of great desolation are coming.

Mankind will suffer greatly because of their sin, for having once again denied their one true God!

The sun pushes its eruptions towards the Earth! The satellites will be disconnected!

Prepare yourselves, oh men: the time of sorrows is already upon you, return urgently to your Creator God for your salvation.

God has spoken!