Today Satan is celebrating his feast in the depths of Hell

Message for Friday, November 13, 1981

The Lord: 

Yes, my daughter, here is your heavenly Father, as I told you on the first day of my apparition. I am your heavenly Father; I know that you suffer much, my daughter; see if I do not know what horrible torments these are, and all this suffering for such an ungrateful Humanity. I know that they do not deserve any of this, my daughter, but they must be saved, they must be saved at any cost, my daughter. Listen to me, my victim Heart is tired of the ingratitude of my beloved children; I am not speaking to you of the wickedness of the wicked, but of the malice of Christians.

I am going to tell you openly about the situation of the world, so that you may understand the reason for my mystical Passion as a victim immolated for the world, as a martyred King of my charity for souls and as God scorned by my creatures.

I have employed all my wisdom, my daughter, in providing all the means to acquire the joy of my eternal Kingdom, all my tenderness in attracting them, my goodness and my mercy, my riches, my magnificence and my love; but they want nothing, they are ungrateful. I have done for them all what I would have done for my own children; they deserve nothing. All that I have done for them, for all in general, I have done as I have done for my chosen ones; I did it for one and I did it for all in general, and for all I gave my example on the path of this world. For all I ascended to Heaven, returning to the bosom of the Father, and for all I performed the miracle of the consecration of the Eucharist, to remain with them. For all I am - not only for some - enclosed in that Sacrament day and night, sad, suffering. For all I instituted my privileged priesthood, and for all the holy Church with her helps of...

Amparo Light: 

What pains, my God; I know how you suffer!

The Lord: 

...with his help of unfailing virtue and of the only hope of eternity. My daughter, to all I gave My words of salvation and of life, which keep the Holy Gospel of the law of grace and of love; and with all clarity I manifested it in those words: "Love one another". I said it in a language so that all could understand me. And I said to you: "Remain all of you united, remain in me, so that we may be one, so that we may be one as my Father and I are one". But, my daughter, what have they made of my word, of my doctrine, of my desires, but mockery, crimes and betrayal?

Look, my daughter: my beloved Church was formed, my Kingdom was erected and extended in souls; but the eternal enemy entered into the cursed race to take possession of all, he took possession of the whole race. He also came to form division in the family, which, arising sides, began to undermine each other.

I do not complain of the enemy, nor of his henchmen, for they are all cursed; I complain of those who, being mine, have seconded the action of evil. The enemy, my daughter, wants to seduce and does not know how.

Always remember my words, because if I had not warned you..., but I am constantly warning you. If I had not warned you, you would be less responsible, but from now on, what excuse will you make, my children? You cannot excuse yourselves.

The last day is near, my daughter, and on that last day I will come as judge. Have I not told this to my Holy Church, have I not helped them with shepherds? I have not ceased to pour out miracles everywhere, to pour out love; and they have not wanted to receive all these things with a pure heart. Of course, you know who they are: the ungrateful, the ungrateful.

My daughter, tell them that they are still in time, that they should all come to me, as I once told them: "Come to me, all of you who are burdened, and I will help you to unburden yourselves". Come repentant and contrite, making efforts to overcome the evil tendencies of your passions and the seductions that the world, the devil and the flesh present to you, as it did one day in the Paradise of the first natural parents.

Tell them that when I invite them to come to me, it is with the spirit of changing the bad life of vices, of sins, of unbelief, of malice, of refined comforts that every day you have surrounded your human life; because humans, precisely, are the ones who must supernaturalize their actions, imitating me when I became human; that I sought from the first moment to the last of this life sacrifice, poverty, humility, discomfort in everything.

That is why I was born one winter night, in the middle of the ice and on the straw of a manger of animals, to offer my Father the reparatory and propitiatory sacrifice of paying to the divine Justice for your sins, my children. All of you, then, my daughter, are obliged.... (Unintelligible word) to love me; that is why I came down to you, making myself like you at all times, except in sin.

Tell the youth, my daughter, what true love is; tell them to come to me; and in silence, with faith in my presence in my Eucharist, ask me to reveal to them the secret of the happiness of the human heart in this life and in eternity, my daughter. Reveal to them, my daughter, how happy my love has made you, and that there is no love that makes you happy if it is not grafted in my love. Yes, my daughter, tell them all.

Look, my daughter, today Satan is celebrating his feast in the depths of Hell; you will see him.... Look at the caverns how they are full of the damned, of sinners, of the unjust, how they are covered with fire; they are evil spirits, my daughter. Think that Hell is full of sinners and that it is for an eternity. There are those who think that how can God, being merciful, send them such a punishment? Yes, my daughter, my Eternal Father is merciful, but He is just and He gives to each one what he deserves. Look at how many evil spirits there are in the midst; how the souls of sinners are suffering tortures, my daughter, for their sins. Here there is no death; however, in the abodes of Heaven there is life, my daughter. How many would like to die so as not to suffer!

Look, my daughter, you are going to see a part of Heaven, so that you will not be horrified, so that you will not have such a bad taste: look at the happiness, look at the sweetness, look at the peace, look at the joy; here there is no envy, there is no suffering, everything is love! Where I am there can never be suffering, my daughter; where Satan is with his henchmen there is nothing but torment and suffering. Warn them all, tell them to convert, I do not want them to be condemned; tell them, my daughter, tell them all.

Be humble, my daughter, offer your sufferings, pray a little more. Tell those who are with you that I am very happy with them, that they comply very well with my messages, that they continue in the way they continue, that they are also my favorite children because they have had the opportunity to see all this. Tell them that God, when He does something, He knows how He does it, where He does it, in what way. Let them also be humble, for humility is the main basis for reaching Heaven. Tell this to everyone, my daughter.

Yes, my daughter, you will see my Mother, you will see her for a second. Goodbye, my daughter. Fulfill the messages of my Mother and the messages of your Heavenly Father. Goodbye, my daughter.