An Italian communist and transvestite visits Bergoglio

The Vatican is becoming a den of homos and transvestites who go to visit the false Pope -who receives them with a broad smile of approval- more and more frequently to ridicule the Holy Church, since neither Bergoglio asks them to convert nor they pretend to, on the contrary, it is an operation in which together, through photographic propaganda, they try to normalize this sin in the eyes of the Catholic or non-Catholic world.


The homosexual propagandist Andrea Conocchia, aka "parish priest of Torvajanica", took Wladimiro Guadagno to the General Audience on 13 December, where Guadagno met Bergoglio.

Guadagno (58) is an Italian communist and transvestite, who is celebrated by the capitalist rulers. Now he "believes in Francis", reports the oligarchs' on 29 December.

He uses the pseudonym "Luxuria" (= carnal pleasure, fornication), hates the Church, but adores Bergoglio, who has adapted "the Church" to his taste.

A former "Buddhist", Guadagno has - to maximise his public visibility - "converted" to Bergoglio's religion. He also accuses God for "creating me this way" - instead of blaming himself of his own conscious choice, lust and actions.