Papal satanic vestment

A reader sent us some photos of Pope Francis' visit to Ireland at the Mass he said on August 26, 2018, at Phoenix Park, Dublin. He noticed the strange coincidence of the papal vestments – see insert above in the middle – with the triple six symbol, 666, normally used by satanists. 

Although the photos of the Mass show the central part of his vestments partially covered by his palio, it is indisputable that the central motive of it was the triple six symbol drawn in red, green and yellow. 

The coincidence becomes still more bizarre when one considers that the mitre the Pope donned on that occasion had some colorful lines drawn on it that evoke horns, below first row. Indeed it is bizarre because the religious leaders who don horns in their ceremonies generally are, again, satanists, below second row

If it is a coincidence, the Pope should certainly be more careful in the choice of his vestments in order to avoid misunderstandings. 

If it is not a coincidence, then, what could possibly be the message he wanted to pass to the Catholic public?