The sun is in its strongest explosion

Carbonia 26.12.2023

Nothing will ever be the same again!

Jesus is with you My beloved daughter!

Write, write to My beloved people:

serve Me, love Me, adore Me and

follow Me as I ask you

The terrible prophecies announced by the prophets of old and those of today are being fulfilled.

Behold, now the sun will bring technology to its knees!

My children, "those faithful to Me", are prepared for this event ....

while ... "those far from Me" will enter into despair;

Nothing will be as before.

Create for yourselves a new heart, a pure heart,

choose the way of eternal life, O men,

sin no more!

The catastrophe will be sudden... and

no one who is not sheltered in Me will be able to face the calamity.

My people:

My beloved people:

ungrateful people, where will you go without Me,... your Creator God?

Palliatives are of no use to cure and save you,

only in Me is salvation!

I love My children and I will take them all with Me... that is why I say to you:

Open your hearts to Me, O men,

turn to Him who is the true Life!

Do not waste this call of infinite love!

God is One:

in Him alone is all that you seek.....

Abandon yourselves to His All.

In Heaven the new life is already celebrated with the holy people: the faithful people, who have followed their King with the love and abandonment of a servant.

I am the King of Kings!

I am your only Good... beloved children,

I await you with open arms to embrace you in Me, to shelter you in Me, give you of Me in eternity.

The Light of the world has come to you ...

oh men ...not all of you have received it, ...accepted it!

Satan has succeeded in seducing many men: those who have trusted in him, in his false promises .... those who have not understood that Lucifer will take them with him to hell!

Poor men!

My poor children and "no longer Mine" by their free choice.

Wake up My children!

The time has come to return to the Father's House,

Make your hearts vibrate with love for your Redeemer God.

You are now on the precipice.....

Satan is upon you, his claws will not let go,

Open your eyes!

Here you are before the war ....

Fight for life and not for death, O men.....

It is I who call you to face the battle:

O you who have repented...cry to Me for help...and.

I will come to your rescue:

I am ready to snatch you from Satan's clutches.

Go forth children of Love:

the new world will open to all who wish to enter it to enjoy the wonders of God!

Be astute: get out of insecure situations!

I will change the world,

I will burn all the bad things and turn them into good things.

Go ahead!

You have reached the last chimes of the clock:

soon you will hear the gong that will mark the end of this old time to open the new.

I await your repentance.

Be vigilant, be pure.

Suddenly... everything will change.

The sun is in its strongest explosion... "painful" for this Humanity that has deprived itself of the Shield of its Creator.