Tucho's camouflaged evil does not convince

Homosex Pseudo Blessings: Tucho Assumes that Everyone Is an Idiot

Speaking like an Anglican leader trying to hold together an imaginary communion, Tucho Fernández thinks it is "up to each local bishop" to decide whether to give homosexual "blessings" - as if the truth of the Gospels depended on the whims of bishops.

Speaking to the Spanish newspaper ABC (28 December), he referred specifically to Africa, where he said there are laws that "punish with imprisonment the mere fact of declaring oneself homosexual". This is nonsense, but it is a common practice among homosexual propagandists to exaggerate the position of their critics in order to present themselves as "victims".

Tucho insisted that his pseudo-blessing did not mean "accepting a marriage, nor is it a ratification of the life they lead, nor is it an absolution". The latter is an open admission that this "blessing" is in fact an approval of mortal sin.

Assuming that everyone is an idiot, Tucho then proclaimed: "We [= Bergoglio/Tucho] will have to get used to understanding that when a priest gives this kind of simple [pseudo] blessing, he is not a heretic [yes, he is], he is not ratifying anything [yes, he does], nor is he denying Catholic teaching on marriage [yes, he does].