Abolish Celibacy To Prevent Priests form Leading "Double Lives"

Abolishing celibacy could be a means of preventing clerics from leading dangerous double lives [and allowing them to have extramarital affairs (double lives), divorce and live in adultery], Archbishop Charles Scicluna of Malta told NcrOnline.org (30 January).

Scicluna is undersecretary of the Vatican's Dicastery for the Destruction of the Faith - which, under Tucho, no longer promotes marriage but unnatural sins.

"One of my worries is that people are being put in a situation where they feel comfortable with a double life," Scicluna said, but he seems not to recognise that the cause of the "double life" is not celibacy.

Scicluna doesn't want to diminish "the beauty of celibacy or the heroic commitment of people who have accepted celibacy as a gift and live it, BUT I think it is good that we discuss [= abolish] it".

With such arguments, also marriage and every form of consecrated life must be "abolished", first the Jesuits.